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Hello! Its Melissa with Taeyong Monday. Its the day before Valentine's Day. So for this week's card, I'm dedicating this card to all those who bias Taeyong. Why do we love Taeyong so much?
Could it be how serious sexy his serious expression is?
Can it be how sweet and shy he can be?
Can it be how he rocks the white hair color?
Could it be his amazing dancing skills?
Could it be his amazing rap skills?
Could it be because He's incredible handsome?

Why do you love Taeyong? I love Taeyong for all the reasons above. He's incredible talented and good looking.

Well that's all for this week's Taeyong Monday. I hope you enjoyed it. I can wait to see why you love Taeyong.
I love him because he's such a dork. Like when he's on stage he's so handsome and serious but then when he's off stage he's super cute and he lughs a lot and he's such a dork.
I'm feeling the same ❤️ love you taeyong