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Hey all lasts week theme was Medical Dramas. Personally one of my favs. I love watching these types of dramas and movies. Even more so when someone I know ends up in the hospital which in this case was my grandfather again. It provides me with a weird sense of comfort.

Instead of writing a review on one I've seen, and i've seen quite a few I'm going to share a few that I started and a few added to my watchlist. It will be provided with a little blurb or description that I got from dramafever.

Called the Grey's Anatomy of Korea, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee charts the lives, careers, and romances of a group of doctors at a hospital where private and professional lives are hopelessly entangled and hospital politics collide. Despite a serious heart condition that has hindered her throughout her life, Bong Dal Hee has become a first-year surgical intern. She quickly draws the scorn of skilled cardiac surgeon Ahn Joong Geun for her inefficient ways, which are tied to her secret health condition. Lee Geon Wook has just divorced his wife and fellow surgeon Jo Moon Kyung, after discovering that another man fathered their child. When Geon Wook begins to fall for Dal Hee, he finds himself at odds with Dr. Ahn. Dal Hee's condition deteriorates under the grueling conditions of the job, but she is determined to become a doctor—no matter the cost. Lee Yo Won of recent über-hit Queen Seon Duk and Lee Bum Soo of 2008’s On Air star in this highly rated drama.
Cardiac surgery is one of the most demanding and difficult forms of surgery, and it's not as lucrative as other medical careers, so when Lee Eun Seung and Nam Hye Suk are the only applicants to apply for a residency, they are accepted easily. Dr. Choi Kang Gook, the new head of Cardiovascular Surgery, has his doubts. Eun Seung has always dreamed of becoming a great cardiac specialist, but as an orphan coming from a small-town medical school, his skills are basic. Hye Suk, on the other hand, graduated from an elite medical school with top marks, but possesses an inflexible personality. Gradually, as they work together, a mutual respect dawns, and Eun Seung begins to be attracted to Hye Suk. But things get complicated when famous actor Lee Dong Gwon is admitted to the hospital, who has a romantic past with Hye Suk and aims to win her heart once more. Ji Sung (Save the Last Dance for Me), Kim Min Jung (Fashion 70's), and Lee Ji Hoon (Hello! Miss) star in this hit medical drama.
again you can go here to find more info or watch --->
Time Slip Dr. Jin is a surreal story based on the hit series from Japan. Song Seung Hoon (Autumn in My Heart) stars as Jin Hyuk, a brilliant but exacting neurosurgeon. When a mysterious patient comes in with a severe brain injury, Jin Hyuk discovers a tiny fetus inside the patient's brain. It's this strange fetus that propels him to jump off the hospital's roof, and enter a time portal to the year 1860. His modern appearance makes him a wanted man, but he begins to win the trust of the Joseon-era people with his modern medical knowledge. To his surprise, he meets Hong Young Rae (Park Min Young), who looks exactly like his girlfriend Mi Na in the present day. This mysterious romance also stars Lee Bum Soo (History of a Salaryman) as the black sheep of the royal family, and Hero Jaejoong (Protect the Boss) as the officer hunting Jin Hyuk down
Neurological gladiators go head to head in this great brain race. Lee Kang Hoon (Shin Ha Kyun) stars as a young neurosurgeon who is deeply ashamed by his working class background. He quickly finds a rival in Seo Joon Suk (Jo Dong Hyuk), a rich guy who has it all—and didn’t have to work a fraction as hard as Lee. Sweet medical junior Yoo Ji Hye (Choi Jung Won) pines for Lee’s attention, while Lee is distracted by the predatory single mother Jang Yoo Jin (sultry Kim Soo Hyun). Jung Jin Young co-stars as Kim Sang Chul, a highly respected doctor with his own dark history, one that may be inextricably bound to Lee’s past.
Dr. Jang Joon Hyeok is an ambitious, rising star within the surgery department of Myeongin University Hospital, and has his heart set on becoming department head after the current chief, Dr. Lee, retires. His boss, however, has other ideas and brings in Dr. Noh Min Guk from the U.S. with the intention of giving him the post instead. Dr Choi Do Young, meanwhile, is Dr. Jang's closest friend, but unlike Dr. Jang, he is solely focused on the well-being of his patients and uninterested in hospital politics, which often leads him to clash with Dr. Jang. With Dr. Jang's career threatened and a lawsuit filed against him by a dead patient's family, everyone will have to take sides, including Dr. Jang's med-student-turned-bar-hostess girlfriend and the department head's daughter, Lee Yoon Jin, who is in love with the married Dr. Choi. Tightly written, uncompromising, and often heartbreaking, White Tower is the story of one man's journey through
yep info can be found here --->
Seo Hye Young is a talented second-year obstetrician, but when a patient desperate to abort her second child begs her to perform the surgery, she reluctantly agrees. She's promptly blacklisted and transferred from a prestigious hospital in Seoul to an obscure country hospital. To make things worse, she realizes that she herself is pregnant—and the father is a married man. Rebuilding her life in the wake of these events, Hye Young struggles to keep her pregnancy secret from her co-workers. She clashes with Lee Sang Shik, a pediatrician at the new hospital, while an old friend, Wang Jae Sook, re-enters her life. Award-winning actress Jang Seo Hee (Temptation of a Wife) stars alongside Go Joo Won (Kim Soo Ro) and Suh Ji Suk. Rising young actor Song Joong Ki (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) adds even more talent to this story that tracks the medical and human dramas in a hospital's obstetrics department.

ok guys let me know if you watched any or if you are going to start one...

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I loved New Heart and Dr Jin
I haven't watched any of the ones you listed, but I've watched quite a few K medical dramas.
I will have to add these to my list. I love medical dramas.
Medical team and Doctor respect