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City Hunter

Concentrates on the love between family and the need for revenge to a love that will be his first and one he wants to protect at all costs even if it means giving up on revenge.

Secret Garden...

This is a drama I watch at least once or twice a year. A rag to riches story but the difference is the man stands up for his love and gets disowned. He truly loves her. Plus it has a little gender bender in the beginning but she also puts everything on the line for their love as well.


I don't think I need to explain this one. Right? But if I do just ask
A love that transverses the universe and time and space. It will have you laughing, crying and riding and emotional roller coaster
About all sorts of love and relationships. About trusting yourself and instincts and opening up your heart. The father son relationship really tugs at your heart strings but to see his love come out of his body in blades litterally makes your heart hurt for him but root for him as well.
This one is great and highlights all forms of love, one sided, crush, family, and true love.
A movie with an age gap and about moving on from first loves and betrayals and starting anew.
This one makes me smile instantly. All the characters are amazing and the love story very funny as well but heart warming. Again about loving oneself first and then finding love.
Light hearted, funny, at times could be sad. Has the love triangle but it also highlights friendships and family's and being able to love oneself as well.
One sided love and then she gives up. He realizes he likes her after he sets her up with his friend. It will definitely having you squeal, laugh, cry, and getting frustrated. This was a really great drama.

Another Oh Hae Young

Talk about a entwined and misfortunate fate but it ends well for all the characters and the love for each one was expressed wonderfully, brilliantly, and has you rooting, laughing, crying. It is very relateable. Definitely a must watch

My Lovely Sam Soon

I've watched this one over and over again and it never gets old or boring. It is a true classic
A movie and it's a little on the raunchy side but it is so hilarious and the way they fall in love first is that they called the wrong number and talked over the phone and developed and emotional bond.

Scent of a Woman

About loving a person for who they are and no matter what. It is also one I watch quite often. It has a sad undertone but the ending isn't what you are expecting.

She Was Pretty

Another one that will have you riding an emotion roller coaster but pulling and rooting for each character and their love interest. Be ready to bust a gut laughing but also have those tissues handy

The Girl Who See Smells

Seriously funny, intriguing, and genuinely the love story is heart wrenching but also very heart warming.

Weightlifter Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Adorable, Precious, Funny and very Charming. It is definitely one I plan on watching again
A love that trescends worlds and also very emotional. I actually might start this one up again
Yes it will make you cry, it's sad but the love he has for his so touching. Have the tissues ready actually just tape them under your eye.

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I personally think that Coffee Prince is the best first drama for kdrama fans to watch. How about you?
I've seen almost all these. The ones that I have seen on your list are really great!