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so .. ASTRO has some nerve ... my heart is still recovering from those pictures.. waking up to see those nearly killed me .. but at least I would have died happy lol

My little SanHa is no longer a little baby .. I mean .. LOOOKKKKKK AT HIMMMM

he actually looks like he's a young man going through life instead of a baby I want to protect.

let's be honest though ... now more than ever I'm going to want to protect him more! His outside appearance does not match with his Inside childlike personality! I know he's growing up but until he shows that he is changing will I accept this fact ...

the rest of them look like the concept goes with them though! I approve โค๏ธ

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These are so good!
Moonbin looks so handsome โค
They'll always be cute babies to me.
So cute
It's TiME to gET S H O O K