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Hello fellow Vinglers! Here is my next oneshot starring Yu Kihyun of Monsta X. This will be my submission for the contest here:
this is a very late request from @Gaarita100 so I hope you like it!

For mature readers only
Freaky kinky
Nasty scenes
Graphic fan fiction
Scroll down at your own risk

It's Saturday afternoon and you meet up with your friends at the bowling alley to go bowling. As you were having a good time with your friends, you realized that you drank two soda cans and you really had to use the bathroom. So you tell your friends that you're going to the bathroom and you walk towards the women's room. As you were getting closer, a hand grabbed your wrist and pulled you in. You didn't know who it was because you were startled, but then you look up and it was your bias of Monsta X, Kihyun. You ask him why he pulled your arm and he told you that he saw your fan shirt with his name on it and it caught his eye. You blush and clearly tell him that it was your shirt and you continue to walk towards the bathroom. "Wait!" He hollered at you. "Can we hang out some time?" He asked you. You blushed to yourself and told him yes. "Sure! What do you want to do? Do you want to bowl with my friends?" You ask him. "Yeah! Sounds cool!" He responded. You smile and wave at him as you go to the bathroom. Once you were done in there, you head back to your friends and continue bowling. As you were getting closer, Kihyun was sitting with your friends watching them bowl. "Hello gorgeous, what's your name?" He asks you as you sit next to him. You tell him your name and he compliments you again. You get up and bowl as your name was displayed. You roll the ball and knock down 8 pins. You roll again as you knock down the other 2 for a spare. Your friends cheered for you as you sit back down next to Kihyun, telling him to go up and bowl. You chanted his name repeatedly until he rolls his ball. He knocks down all 10 pins for a strike. You and your friends cheered loudly as you chanted his name again. You and your friends finish the round with Kihyun and you order yourselves food at your table. As soon as everyone was done eating the food they ordered, they immediately went for another round. They kept bowling for three rounds and they then started to feel tired so they finished up their third round and went back to the car and took a cat nap. Your friends went to one car and you went to your own as Kihyun followed you. Once you got to your car, you unlocked it but Kihyun placed his hand on the car which made you freeze. "Get in the back." He said. You unlocked the car again as you sat in the back of your car and Kihyun got in after you which made you move to the other side as he closed the door behind you and he began to stroke your hair with one hand and hold your head with the other. You felt sleepy at his actions as your head fell into his hand as he caught your head and he moved his head closer to yours, inching his face closer to yours until your foreheads and noses made contact. He then kissed you softly on the lips as you returned his kiss, placing your hands on his neck and lying down in the back seat of your car and he continued to kiss you as he rolled his body on yours which made you go crazy as you slipped your fingers under his shirt. He stopped, threw his jacket off, pulled his shirt over his head, and kissed you once again as he lowered himself to your level and rubbed his pelvic bone on top of yours which made your heartbeat increase as the flow of blood in your body accelerated speed, and you unhooked your bra and slipped it off. Kihyun squeezed your boobs as he kissed your neck and his hands crawled underneath your shirt as he pulled it off your body, exposing your bare chest. He sucked on your boobs as he licked your nipples and slightly bit them. You shot up, put your shirt back on, and you grabbed your keys and drove home. Kihyun was shocked but at the same time excited to go to your place and finish seducing you. Once you parked your car in the garage, you turned your car off, got out and went upstairs to your apartment. Kihyun followed you up as he grabbed the clothes of you and him. Once you got to the front door of your apartment, you pulled out your keys and unlocked it. As soon as you both got in, you locked the door again and dragged Kihyun by the collar as you led him to your bedroom. You closed the door behind you and you leaned against the door as Kihyun had his hands on either side of your head on the door. He kissed eagerly wanting you desperately as he moved his lips to your neck. You pull him closer to you as you move yourself from the door to his body and he moves his lips down to your collarbone almost sucking it. You move to your bed as you lay down and his hands slid under your shirt and lifted it up which made him suck your boobs again which made your spine rise as your arms went above your head and he pulled off your shirt. He then kissed your chest as he sucked on your belly button and continued to kiss below it until he got to the hems of your jeans. You pull him closer to you as you push his pants off with your feet until his butt was exposed and kiss his neck as you flipped him over and grinded your pelvis on his crotch as you undo his pants and pull them off as he flipped you and did the same to your jeans. Once your buns were exposed, he licked you in and out and all around looking for your sweet spot. Once he found it, he shoved his tongue up your hole as he licked all of your insides until your walls closed down on his tongue which made him move out and he continued to lick your buns until you were completely dry. Once you were dry, he pushed off his briefs and slipped on protection as he kissed you and moved himself on you until his pole slid in your hole. He continued to move himself against you until you flipped him again and banged yourself on top of him and kissed his neck. As you kissed him, you began to sweat, your heart rate began to increase and you banged on him much quicker and harder that you fell on your side so you hook your legs on his back and you kiss his lips as he did the same to you. The both of you were going hard and fast at each other until you both could not hold your breath any longer and your parts became painful. You both broke apart as the both of you lay down on the bed facing the ceiling, breathing uncontrollably until you both caught your breaths. "My head is spinning." You said. You then grabbed the fan off your dresser and fanned yourself. "Could I use that after you?" Kihyun asked. You handed the fan to him and he fanned his neck, cooling himself down. "I'm thirsty, I need some water." You said. "Me too." Kihyun added. He followed you to the kitchen as you poured yourself some water for you and him. 'Oh crap!' You thought to yourself as you went back to your room to find your robe but Kihyun pulled you by the wrist and trapped you in his arms. "You look so sexy without clothes." Kihyun said in a low voice. You tried to escape but his grip was tighter this time as he kissed your neck and sucked the sweat off your body. You rubbed his back as your head was back as you faced the ceiling, enjoying his kisses on your neck as he devoured you with pleasure. You placed your hands on his shoulders as you push away from him and you drink your water until the glass was empty. As you were drinking, he was drinking his. You both went to the couch as you covered yourselves and several moments later you moved quickly towards him and sucked on his pole, licking it all over and gnawing at it until there were teeth marks everywhere. You sucked it once and his head was thrown back in pleasure as he began to become hard so you kink it with your tongue as if you were kinking a glow bracelet or a garden hose with your hands. You kinked it in any and all ways possible until you sucked it again as it squeezed a few times until it became rock hard. You sucked it again and he gripped the couch as if his pepper was being pulled into her hole. It felt so good to him that he was very satisfied. Once you sucked it as hard as possible, you let go and you leaned back on the couch about to pass out. He moved quickly towards you and kissed your face as well as your neck again. Slowly but surely, he was almost half asleep when his head fell in between your legs. You two slept for what seemed like hours until your doorbell rang. You shot up, ran to your room, threw on a silk robe and opened the door to your friends. "Hi (r/n)!" One of your friends said. "Hey, come in." You said as your friends walked in. "What is he doing sleeping in the couch?" Your friend asked you pointing to Kihyun sleeping on the couch with a blanket over him. "Oh, he still hasn't woke up yet." You assured her. "Are you sure, because why are you wearing a robe?" Another friend asked you. "Because I just showered when I got home. I'll get dressed if you want." You replied to her. "Thanks hun, I appreciate it!" She said. You go to your room to get dressed and your friends sit on the stools by the kitchen. Suddenly, Kihyun gets up slowly and rubs his eyes open only to widen them as he saw the girls. "When did you all get here?" He asked with a sleepy voice. "Just five minutes ago." One of the girls replied. "Where's (r/n)?" He asked. "She's in her room putting clothes on." Another girl replied. Youcame out of your room dressed and you took your robe with you and threw it on Kihyun. "Get dressed, I have company." You told him. "Uhh... okay." Kihyun said as he stared at the clothes you were wearing with his big goofy eyes. He put the robe on and went to your room to find his clothes. He went into your room, closed the door, put the robe away, and put his clothes back on. Once he was dressed, he came out and stood next to you as he placed his arm around your neck as he gave your cheek a lip peck. You blushed to yourself and your friends cringed. "OOO he likes you!" One of your friends teased. "I know, and I like him back! He's my bias, remember?" You retorted as he was super shy. You and your friends were talking to Kihyun as you confessed to him and how you have liked him ever since debut. As you were talking to your friends, Kihyun was hitting on you by commenting on the little things that made you blush like crazy as well as your friends. You and your friends were chatting with Kihyun for the rest of the night.

Alright! I hope you like it! If you want more oneshots please comment an idol!

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I completely forgot I had requested a one shot from you πŸ˜…πŸ˜… but it was really good I liked it a lot 😊 thank you so much! 😊
You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was just browsing my oneshots one day and I was looking for more idols so I just decided to draft them in my notes. Luckily I saw yours and this FF contest came up so I just wrote it up and posted it! I'm really glad you like it!