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Hello Inspirits! Its Melissa with Infinite Community Event. Today is group date. Where would you go and do with the group? For my group date, we would go bowling.
Yes! Bowling is a fun group activity. So Infinite and I got to a bowling alley to have some fun.
The members that are on my team are Woohyun, L and Sungjong.
Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Sungyeol and Hoya are the opposing team.
We have a great time bowling. Since I'm not a real good player, our team is losing. It was still a good time and good laughs while playing.
After awhile of bowling, we get hungry and thristy. So the guys order us a pizza and some beers. We start to eat and joke around how bad or great we were bowling. After we are done, the guys offer me a ride home. They dropped me off at home. They thank me for joining them. I thank them for letting me hang out with them. It was a great group date.

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