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Elo my Sweet Bunnies

Lets find out our what your status with your valentine?

Hope you are happy with your relationship results.

Stuff Animal 1 -

Besties; You two end up being best of friends as you date. He loves being with you and feels like he can be himself with you.

Stuff Animal 2 -

Engaged; Your valentine got down on one knee, and proposed to you. He feels like he can see a future with you.

Stuff Animal 3 -

Boy/Girlfriend; You two are in loved but its still new to you both. So you both agree to take it show but didn't want to get too deep yet.

Stuff Animal 4 -

Wifey; You both eloped and decided there was no point in waiting. He wanted you by his side forever and so did you.


Is it what you expected?
Tomorrow you will find out who is this Valentine

I hope you are ready for tomorrow.

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wedding bells in my future, not bad.
take that back looked at wrong results
We eloped!!