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Hello everyone!! Here are my results for the SSG that @LemonLassie made.

Awww Hyun your really sweet. ^^ I'll share the chocolates with you!

O.O Roses!? My faves. Are you trying to wreck me Howon! How did you know?

Awww Kyu! It's the thought that counts though!

Oooooo. Friendship goals and time to get out!! DOGS!!!!! Can we play with them all??

But...but....alright Hyun. I won't fight, but we should get ready for this.
Aish Yeollie. Okay okay good thing I have my card with me

Hyun! Okay. I'm not always a romantic person, but for you this once~

O.O Oh my! Okay you want me to spend time with you too. I'm okay with it. Hopefully this is out of friendship, but then again....

How could you forget Kyu. *sighs* Oh well as long we all have fun and the thoughts count!!

So cute Haru!
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