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Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend and start to your week. I'm very excited not because it's Monday but because it's MCM Monday!! Since my last FFF I covered this actors cast mate and since I am rewatching said drama that they were both is I decided that for my MCM this week I shall cover the male lead and one of my all time favorite actors, Jo Jung Suk! I hope you all enjoy~
Jo Jung Suk was born in 1980 and celebrated his 35th birthday on December 26. His astrological sign is Capricorn. Jo Jung Suk is 5’9″ (175 cm) tall, and his weight is 64 kg (141 lbs). *ahhhhh his birthday is 1 day after mine!! Just 9 years sooner!* Blood Type: B
Label: Culture Depot Co., Ltd
Given name: Jo Jung Suk
Native name: 조정석
Chinese name: 曺政奭
Official Website:
Twitter ID: @jojeol
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: jojeol26
Jo Jung Suk was born in the capital city of South Korea, Seoul. Since childhood, he was interested in theater the most and dreamed of becoming a stage actor. Young Jo Jung Suk received student loans and was accepted to the Seoul Arts University majoring in Theater. Unfortunately, he had to quit his studies at the college and to pay the debts later, which took him quite a while. His family required support after the tragic event in 2000; this was the reason why Jo Jung Suk had to quit the University. Jo Jung Suk was 20 year old when his father passed away leaving him as the only one the family could depend on. Possessing a bright and fresh personality helped Jo Jung Suk in overcoming all the hardships. Moreover, the family issues prevented him from fulfilling his military duty. Nonetheless, Jo Jung Suk did not give up on his childhood dreams. To earn money for the family, he took any role in musicals and devoted his life to it.
Jo Jung Suk attended Seoul Institute of the Arts; his major was Theater. As for Jo Jung Suk's family, it is widely known that he has an elder sister and two elder brothers.
Jo Jung Suk took his career in theater very seriously, even though he could not graduate from the Seoul Arts University and had to take any role available. He worked hard to gain popularity as a musical actor. After his appearance in “The Nutcracker” in 2004, the viewers positively perceived Jo Jung Suk’s stage performance, which gave him an opportunity to show up in other musicals. Jo Jung Suk acted in more than 25 musicals, and that was only in a 9 years period. However, as Jo Jung Suk considers himself, “Hedwig” was the most successful musical role. He played in “Hedwig” in 2006, 2008 and 2011. In May 2016, Jo Jung Suk played Hedwig for the fourth time in his career. The actor’s first appearance on television was in 2011. However, the actual success on TV came to him with the two projects in 2012. Jo Jung Suk got an opportunity to appear in the famous hit “ Architecture 101” and the network drama “The King 2 Hearts”. After his increasing success as an actor, Jo Jung Suk was offered different kinds of roles in movies, dramas and even commercials. One of the recent projects he appears to be rather captured by is “Youth over Flowers”. Thanks to his participation in this travel-reality show, Jo Jung Suk had the opportunity to visit Iceland. The trip helped him to experience all kinds of emotions possible, whether they were connected to extreme cold and language difficulties, or to beautiful landscapes and picturesque waterfalls.
TV Shows * Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS, 2016) cameo * Jealousy Incarnate (SBS, 2016) * Oh My Ghost (tvN, 2015) * Lee Soon Shin is the Best (KBS2, 2013) * The King 2 Hearts (MBC, 2012) * What's Up? (MBN, 2011) TV Show Theme Songs * Gimme A Chocolate - Oh My Ghost OST insert song (2015) * I Totally Love You - Lee Soon Shin is the Best OST (2013)
Movies * My Annoying Brother / Hyung (2016) * Time Renegade (2016) * Journalist (2015) * My Love, My Bride (2014) * The King's Wrath / The Fatal Encounter (2014) * Physiognomy / The Face Reader (2013) * Almost Che (2012) * Architecture 101 (2012)
Theater * Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2016) * Blood Brothers (2014) * Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2011) * True West (2010) * The Island (2009) * Spring Awakening (2009) * Fever Night (2008) * Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2008) * Janggeum the Great (2008) * Evil Dead (2008) * Organ in My Heart (2008) * Le Passe-Muraille (2007-2008) * Pump Boys and Dinettes (2007) * First Love (2007) * Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2006-2007) * You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (2006) * All Shook Up (2006) * Kingdom of the Wind (2006) * Le Passe-Muraille (2006) * Nunsense A-Men (2005) * Grease (2005–2006) * The Nutcracker (2004)
Endorsements * Lotte Buon Gelato Ice Cream * Lotte Hot 6 Energy Drink * LG U Plus LTE * Hyundai Santafe BlueLink * Nongsim Dungji Ramen * Hi Mart * Granola Cereals * Everytime * DD Chicken * Schneider * Yanolja * ISSAC TOAST * Samsung Life Insurance * SK telecom Tmap
Recognitions * 2016 SAF SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award for Romantic Comedy Drama (Jealousy Incarnate) * 2016 SAF SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Award (Jealousy Incarnate) * 2016 tvN10 Awards: Two Star Award (Oh My Ghost) * 2013 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple with IU (Lee Soon Shin is the Best) * 2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actor in Serial Drama (Lee Soon Shin is the Best) * 2013 33rd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards: Best Supporting Actor (The Face Reader) * 2013 50th Grand Bell Awards: Best Supporting Actor (The Face Reader) * 2013 4th Korea Film Reporters Association Film Awards: Best New Actor (Architecture 101) * 2012 20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards: Best New Actor (Architecture 101) * 2012 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor (Architecture 101) * 2012 5th Style Icon Awards: New Icon * 2012 6th Mnet 20's Choice Awards: 20's Booming Actor (Architecture 101 and The King 2 Hearts) * 2010 4th The Musical Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Spring Awakening) * 2009 15th Korea Musical Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Spring Awakening) * 2008 14th Korea Musical Awards: Best New Actor (Organ In My Heart)
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Wow I did not realize he did so much acting.
I know! When I first read about him a while ago I was surprised too. He's an incredible human being.
Jo Jung Suk is so talented. His voice is so beautiful and he's such an amazing actor! He's so handsome! I've seen him in Legend of the Blue Sea, Oh My Ghost, Jealousy Incarnate and King 2 Hearts. I'm currently watching King 2 Hearts. I love him in Oh My Ghost!!! His acting is incredible in Jealousy Incarnate! 💖
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Yeah Oh My Ghost and Jealousy Incarnate are the first dramas I've seen him in. He makes a cameo appearance in Legend of the Blue Sea for a couple episodes.