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Kim Ha Neul is attracting considerable attention by showing off her sexy charms. Kim, who plays the role of Seo Ee Soo in SBS’s weekend series A Gentleman’s Dignity, shot scenes, in which she appears in a bikini and takes a bath. She is a bubbly yet decisive high school teacher in the series. She shot the taking a bath scene in a bathtub full of bubbles. On June 7, the production company for the series released the picture of Kim shooting a bubble bath scene. In the pictures, Kim is showing off her milky white skin, slim shoulders, fantastic clavicle, and beautiful face without wearing makeup. Since Kim used to show off her innocent charms in TV dramas, the bath scene drew a lot of attention from the audience. The scene will air in the 6th episode of the series, which will air on June 10. Kim previously showed off her figure in a bikini in the series. In the preview for the 5th episode of the series, Kim appeared in a bikini. Jang Dong Gun (plays the role of Do Jin) visited Kim’s house and was surprised at a picture of Kim wearing a bikini on her laptop computer while she was gone to bathroom. According to an official for the series, the picture, which portrays Kim wearing a blue bikini and her real figure, was recently taken in Kangwon-do. Many people are surprised at her unconventional appearance and praising for her great figure. Source: STARNEWS
wow this scene is coming out tonight....
it depends on choosing scripts. a gentleman's dignity put them next to each other, anyway , because their dramas where compared being written by the same screenwriters. dong gun also was compared with hyun bin because of that
yep both are great actress but I must say I'm leaning more toward Ha Ji Won after K2H :P
she has the same age with Ha Ji Won... Both are S P E C T A C U L A R !!!!!!!!!!!! ( I just forget about Kin Sun Ah noona...)