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I also thought her style was somewhat similar to IU but to tell the truth I like her better. -------------------------------------------------------- On June 7, singer Juniel held a showcase to celebrate the release of her Korean debut album My First June and said that she is happy to be called the next IU but she doesn’t deserve the praise. She said, “Since IU has become a national younger sister and she is a beloved singer in Korea, I was so happy to be called the next IU. But I think I don’t think I deserve to be called that.” She added, “I want to show off my unique color rather than be the next IU.” When she was asked what is her unique strong point compared to IU, she replied, “I think my strong point is that I have a unique vocal tone so I can sing various songs in many different ways.” During the showcase, Juniel played the guitar and sang her Japanese song “Ready Go.” She also sang “Fool” with CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa and her title song “Illa Illa.” She was born in 1993 and won first place on Niziiro Supernova, the Japanese version of Super Star K. She debuted in Japan first and has become a talented singer-songwriter. Juniel released her Japanese mini album Ready Go last year and debuted as a singer. Then she released her single album Forever in November of last year. She said, “Since I’m in my mother country, I’m more excited and anxious. Since I have performed in Japan for many times, I don’t get as nervous. But I’m excited to see what will happen to me next.” Juniel released the full version of the music video for “Illa Illa.” Source: STARNEWS