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What kinds of medical treatments and services do you have in Korea?

 Health care in South Korea is not free, though it is heavily subsidised by the government. In terms of language, staff at large hospitals in the main cities are generally better equipped to deal with patients with little or no knowledge of Korean. Doctors in South Korea can usually speak at least some English.

Emergency and outpatient services are available in the general and university hospitals in each major urban center. Outside of an emergency it may be more convenient to visit a smaller hospital or specialist clinic as there are a great number of them and it will reduce your waiting time.
Despite this, for mild complaints such as the common cold or flu, Koreans will just as often go to the hospital as they will the local doctor. Don't be surprised or alarmed if it is suggested that you go to the hospital if you have such symptoms.
You will need to present your Alien Registration Card (ARC) at the reception desk, or if you are a tourist, your passport. Fees for basic treatment are payable immediately following your consultation/treatment, though this can escalate depending on whether or not X-rays, ultrasounds and further checks are required. Follow-up appointments will be made if necessary.

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