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Eunhyuk Twitter update
What kind of Haek DongHaek (from uploaded) do you guys like? Upload the results somewhere, I'll see it somehow (7 hours ago) The end(.) Chukahaek(congrats) (7 hours ago) Lee Donghae mwohaek (what are you doing) Congratulations-haek (7 hours ago) Cho Kyuhyun myohaek(what are you doing) Nuclear weapon Donghaek(,) chukhahaek (congrats) (7 hours ago) Pouty Nuclear weapon Donghaek(,) chukahaek (congrats) (7 hours ago) Nuclear weapon(haek) DongHaek in front of a lake. Congratulations-haek (7 hours ago) Nuclear weapon(haek) DongHaek taking a selca. Congratulations-haek (7 hours ago) Lee Donghaetbadak (Lee Dong Tongue) chukahaet (congratulations) (7 hours ago) Lee DongHaekDongHaek congratulations-haek (7 hours ago)
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