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Lee Hwayoung's BOYS24 Contract Cancelled 
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I knew this would happen.
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When so much rides on the fans liking you and your group, the worst thing you can do is insult the fans. They are your source of income and without them you are done. I understand it sucks to do things you don't want to do but this kind of job isn't for everyone. You either take the whole package or nothing at all.
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I totally agree with you on fans crossing boundaries and I don't think that should happen. The reason why these was so much controversy was because he said that he "had to meet 7-800 fans at high touch events" and having to smell their breaths disgusted him to the point where he wants to puke. No where in this statement does a fan cross the line and of course if you talk to 800 people a day, at least a few would have bad breath. He is just annoyed that he has to see so many fans and spend so much time around them. I'm not saying that he should put up with it if he really doesn't want to but he can't have his cake and eat it too, if he doesn't want to be around fans, he shouldn't be an idol. Just like if I don't like kids, I shouldn't be a teacher.
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so now it's 23?
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Supposedly, the audio was edited together by someone who was upset with him, but I want to know if this is an actual fact. I've only seen a tweet about it, so does anyone know if this is for real? I didn't know the group that well but if this was all a mistake then that's messed up. https://twitter.com/onlyhwayoung/status/831328141767380992
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I did read that he tried to apologize and even said that the video was edited but I'm sure that made things worse for him cuz no one believed it.
7 months ago
Well God forbid that he did something that proved he was human. How terrible of him for being honest about how unpleasant it can be meeting strangers who smell and have bad breath. I understand he choose this profession, however he still has a right to vent his feelings - or should he bottle them all up to the point that he has anxiety attacks or an eating disorder. Would that be better? All of you who were so willing to turn your back on him and never trust him again should be ashamed of yourselves and confess to being a hypocrite. You're part of the problem. I hope the company who revoked his contract goes bankrupt for blowing this out of proportion. And for all the so called "fans" who could not show this guy some compassion because you got your immature little feelibgs hurt - I hope karma turns around and bites you in the ass!
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