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Unless these particular "fans" were Saesungs or just haters, in which case he has every right to call them disgusting because they are disgusting. Some fans can be be absolutely thoughtless and pushy and unreasonable! Everybody knows it but when an idol states that fact everybody gets all offended like "fans" are so innocent - what a bunch of bs!
He didnt mean just saesungs he meant all fans. Did you even read the article
When so much rides on the fans liking you and your group, the worst thing you can do is insult the fans. They are your source of income and without them you are done. I understand it sucks to do things you don't want to do but this kind of job isn't for everyone. You either take the whole package or nothing at all.
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I totally agree with you on fans crossing boundaries and I don't think that should happen. The reason why these was so much controversy was because he said that he "had to meet 7-800 fans at high touch events" and having to smell their breaths disgusted him to the point where he wants to puke. No where in this statement does a fan cross the line and of course if you talk to 800 people a day, at least a few would have bad breath. He is just annoyed that he has to see so many fans and spend so much time around them. I'm not saying that he should put up with it if he really doesn't want to but he can't have his cake and eat it too, if he doesn't want to be around fans, he shouldn't be an idol. Just like if I don't like kids, I shouldn't be a teacher.
That took longer than I thought. I guess it's important to think before you speak. He knew the entertainment machine he was trying to get into, how it works, and still bumped his damned head. Oh wel...
Kinda figured this would happen to be honest
maybe it's just me for having that idea
I think an apology is the least he could do.
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