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Actor Kim Soo Hyun recently became a hot icon by becoming a cover model for a French Hallyu magazine. Kim recently became a cover model for the May and June issues of K-pop Life Magazine. K-pop Life Magazine is published all over Europe, reporting about Korean entertainment and culture, including K-pop, movies and drama series, and lifestyle. The magazine chose Kim as its cover model and introduced him as a promising Hallyu star currently popular in Korea. It also covered Kim’s filmography to see the reasons for his high popularity in Korea. A spokesperson for the magazine says, “As the drama series Dream High, which starred several Korean idol singers, became highly popular in Europe, Kim Soo Hyun also drew many people’s attention. Although he’s an actor, he’s as popular as the idol K-pop singers.” Being named an honorary ambassador for the Korea Tourist Service, Inc., Kim is at the forefront of introducing Korea to the whole world. Kim has recently chosen movie Covertness, which is based on a cartoon series, as his next work and will start shooting at the end of this year. Source: TV Report via
yeah right! he is really a handsome and wholesome man in this photo!! hahahah :))
yeah he is soooo cute :D
he looks cute and boyish in this photo doesnt he ^^
tama!! galing niya nu!! bruin mo icon sya ng korea..
cute... @je ann oh.. kaw na!