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I groaned and burrowed down into my mountain of blankets, cursing myself for not making sure the alarm was shut off before I went to bed the night before.


I pressed my face deeper into my pillow, trying to drown out of the offensive wailing, mumbling to my boyfriend to shut the damned thing off already but no response came. I threw my arm out of my warm cocoon and was immediately assaulted with the chilling morning air of our bedroom.

I groped around in an attempt to wake Ji-yong up but was met with empty air and cold sheets. I picked my head up, stared at the still made, unslept in, side of the bed and frowned. It took my sleep addled mind a moment to remember that Ji-yong had left early the night before for a work trip with Taeyang for Big Bang’s new album.

He was going to be away for a few days, returning on Monday so that we could be together in time for Valentine’s Day. I had protested at first, knowing that Ji-yong and Taeyang tended to always extend their writing trips and, with Daesung away on holiday with his family until the end of the month, I did not want to be alone on what was supposed to be the most romantic day of the year.

Ji-yong silenced my protests with a kiss and a promise to be home Monday night. Just before he left, he made me promise not to mope around while he was away, as I tended to do when I was left alone in the house. I had always said that that was the real reason Ji-yong wanted to get a cat; so that I had someone to keep me company.


I groaned again and crawled across the space, slapping a hand down on the alarm clock and throwing the room into sweet, sweet silence. I flopped back down on the bed, hoping for a few more minutes (or hours) of sleep but was quickly jostled when a small, furry monster attacked me, assaulting my face with a wet, rough tongue and terrible breath.

“Ugh, Ai!” I cried, picking up the slick furred cat and placing him onto Ji-yong’s side, wiping my face with my sleeve. “Good morning to you too.” I said as Ai meowed and rolled around merrily, excited for his master to finally be awake.

With a sigh, I pulled the blankets back and climbed out of bed, grabbing my phone off the bedside table as I shuffled out of the bedroom. Ai followed behind me, tail swishing from side to side as he entered the kitchen behind me and sat down immediately in front of his empty food bowl.

I set the kettle on before I opened the cabinet next to the refrigerator where the cat’s food was kept and took a scoop full of dry food then dumped it into Ai’s dish, who did not even wait for me to step back before taking his first mouthful and crunching away while I rummaged through the fridge for the milk. We were out.

I looked in the cabinets for some form of food that could pass for a suitable breakfast but came up with nothing that appeased me. I settled for taking the last two slices of bread and made some toast to go with my tea.

I was just finishing spreading some jam on my toast when my phone buzzed on the counter beside me. I glanced over and grinned, seeing Ji-yong’s name flash on the screen.

I unlocked the phone and opened up the text message:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I really miss the cat
And I guess I miss you too.

I chuckled, a warm sensation spreading through my chest. It was amazing how just a little text message - a silly poem - could brighten my day so much.

With my new found enthusiasm, I got changed, pulled on my jacket and went to the grocery store for some well needed sustenance for the house and even a new cat toy for Ai.


When I awoke on Saturday morning, I found Ai fast asleep beside me, hogging Ji-yong’s side of the bed. I pat the cat’s back then rolled over to see my phone flashing with a missed message.

I looked to find that Ji-yong had left me another message:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
From the moment I saw you
That’s when I knew

That day, I took a walk in the park just down the road from our home. It was one of the things that Ji-yong and I loved to do very early on in our relationship. Whether it be around the city, the local parks, or just a stroll around the neighborhood, we always found time on Saturdays to leave work behind for a few hours and take a walk. Just the two of us.

It never seemed like much but when free time for date nights were few and far between, any alone time outside of the house was a welcome relief.

I sat down on a bench and watching the passersby for a while. Other couples walking together, people walking their dogs, children laughing and playing. I sat back, stuffing my hands in my pockets for warmth. It was unseasonably cold for mid-February and the news had speculated at a late snow storm in the week.

I looked up at the overcast sky, the clouds grey and thick. I hoped that whatever weather was heading our way held off just a few more days.


On Sunday, Seungri invited me over to his house to pay him a visit. Well, by ‘visit’ what he really meant was that he was hoping I would be nice enough to do some of his laundry for him.

Despite that fact, I happily agreed to help as it was common knowledge in the group that Seungri was hopeless when it came to doing the laundry. The one time he attempted it, in hopes of showing his hyungs that he could be domestic, he ended up adding too much detergent and flooded an entire area of their dorm with suds. His ban on touching a washing machine has yet to be lifted…

While I finished folding the latest load of clothes and watching the news report that the little snow they predicted earlier in the week was shaping up to be quiet the storm that was heading our way quickly, my phone went off with a new message. I smiled, knowing who it was from. My heart skipped a beat as I pulled up my newest message:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You make my heart race
With everything that you do

As Seungri hung the last of the clothes on the rack, I went into the kitchen and made dinner for him as a thank you for the company. I stayed there until late in the night, laughing and joking around.

I said my goodnights to Seungri and set off for the short walk home. I could not help but glance up, my breath appearing visibly white against the black sky as the temperature dropped to its coldest of the week.

I tucked my chin to my chest and said a silent wish that Ji-yong made it home soon.


I awoke late on Monday and rolled over to see that my phone was blank. I frowned, a bit disappointed to not have received another message yet. Ji-yong was set to return home that night and he usually called whenever they were leaving their hotel.

I got up out of bed and went over to the bedroom window, pulling open the curtains and was greeted with a window full of thick, fluffy snow.

I looked down to see that there was already a few inches on the ground. The storm must have started earlier than expected.

I spent the rest of the day stuck inside as the snow continued to fall and watched television. With every news report of accidents on the motorway and roads being shut down, I would call Ji-yong’s phone, only to have it go to voicemail.

I did not want to let my mind worry too much. Their manager was a safe driver, he knew how to handle snow. There was no way they were one of those numerous accidents I kept hearing about. Ji-yong was just probably trying to keep his manager focused as they made their way home. It was the day before Valentine’s Day.

Ji-yong would be home…

He promised…

I called his phone one more time.

As the day slowly turned to night with no word, I tried to distract myself with cleaning the house, playing with Ai, who seemed to sense my anxiety and stuck to me like glue the entire day in hopes of cheering me up.

It was not until I had just finished my dinner that my phone finally buzzed. I nearly dropped my plate on the floor as I scrambled to see what the message said:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’m trapped in this hotel
When I’d rather be with you

Disappointment flooded through me as I came to realize that Ji-yong was not going to be home and that I was most likely going to be spending Valentine’s Day trapped in the house alone.

I went to bed that night and switched one of my pillows with Ji-yong’s. It smelled so much like him but despite that, I fell into a fitful night’s sleep, not even Ai’s comforting presence beside me could fix the ache in my chest.

Tuesday (Valentine’s Day):

The snow continued to fall when I woke up the next morning. I tried giving Ji-yong a call but, again, I only got his voicemail.

I watched the snow fall from the kitchen window as I ate my breakfast. I had a hard time telling where the property ended and the street began. Nothing had been plowed and with the steady falling of snow, I had a feeling I would be trapped inside until this storm passed.

With a defeated sigh, I got up and brought my dish to the sink to rinse off. I wondered what Ji-yong was doing right then. Was he and Taeyang doing some more writing now that they had an extra day to work? Was he just as depressed as I felt that he was not at home?

I was brought out of my thoughts by my phone buzzing beside me. I wiped my hands off on a dish towel and picked up my phone to check my latest message:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’m out of decent poems
Just look behind you

I furrowed my eyebrows and read the message a second time then slowly set my phone down and turned around.

There was Ji-yong. Standing there in our kitchen, soaking wet from the knees down, covered in snow and wearing the widest grin on his face.

I let out a yell and launched myself at him, wrapping my arms around him, not caring about getting wet with snow. Ji-yong was home and he was safe.

I pulled back and put both hands on either side of his face and just smiled up at him, taking in every inch of him as if it had been years since I had seen such perfection. “How did you get here?” I gasped, finally remembering to breath. “All the roads are closed and why haven’t you been answering your phone!?” I asked, smacking his shoulder lightly in admonishing him for worrying me so much.

Ji-yong laughed and wound his arms tightly around my waist. “Taeyang and I called in a few favors, we now owe a few favors, and we had to do a bit of walking but there was no way that I was going to miss Valentine’s Day.”

I could only smile and pull him in for a kiss, savoring the feel of our lips as the molded perfectly together. I pulled back ever so slightly and smiled. “I’m glad you’re home and that you’re safe.” I rubbed my hands up and down his arms, trying to generate some warmth against the cold, wet material. “You know what I think.” I said a moment later, with a mischievous smile.

“What is that?” Ji-yong asked with a smirk of his own.

“Well, you must be frozen after walking in all of that snow.”

He nodded.

I bit my lip and glanced down, trying to act shy about what I was going to say next even though it was all I could think about since I laid eyes on my boyfriend. “I think we should go to the bedroom, get you out of those wet clothes and find some way to warm you up properly.”

Ji-yong smiled a big toothy grin and practically dragged me down the hallway, pausing only to give Ai a quick pat on the head.

As we entered the bedroom, Ji-yong pulled me into a heated kissed. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Y/N.” He whispered against my lips.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Ji-yong.”
I hope you guys like my little story and I wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day!

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Omg Super Super cute 💕💕💕 . "I'm out of decent poems just look behind you" << lol #ILoveIt💕💕 ❤ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ❤
Awww this was cute! Good job!