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Hello Beautiful ARMY!! ♡ First things first, Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! I hope your day is beautiful and full of love! Today's theme in our BTS Comeback Hobi Birthday Bash event is FIRST TIME WITH BTS!♡ In honor of Valentines Day we decided to talk about the first time we fell in love with BTS !

*Quick side note, I fell for BTS without even knowing what they looked like i heard their music before i saw them, so we could say it was love at first listen ? lol* lets get started ! ♡


FIRST MV: Boy In Luv
FIRST ERA: School Luv Affair
FIRST BIAS: Rap Monster
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: (The first time i actualy saw them) *I decided to do this in 3 ish words so that i wouldnt end up writing a novel lol*

Jin: Handsome ,Tall, Beautiful Voice

SUGA: Badass, Strong Rapper, Beautiful Pale Skin

RAP MONSTER: An Actual Rap Monster, Cute Dimples, Cool Hair

J-HOPE: Unique Rapping Style, Powerful Dancer, Had A Special Spark About Him

*I guess even his sunshine vibe couldnt keep hidden*

JIMIN: Cute Smile, Bias Wrecker, Beautiful Voice

* And later my love and my UB !!*

V: Beyond Handsome, Loved His Hair Color, Powerful Voice

JUNGKOOK: Sweet Soothing Voice, Def The Baby Of The Group, Multi- Talented

*because he rapped and sang*
And that was my first time with BTS, Over all i thought they were all extreamly handsome, and that they were all visuals! And then came all the BTS Bombs and Episodes, Reality Shows, Interviews... etc and then i fell in love COMPLETELY and never looked back. BTS has been my bias group for 2 almost 3 years now and i never once regretted it! ♡


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