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Ok so yesterday I decided to draw and I haven't drawn in a while so...lol I couldn't decide what to draw and then I thought about the idols. I decided to draw one of the Got7 guys and we'll Jackson crept up on me lol (my bias wrecker lol) It took me about 25 mins to draw him but at the end I said to myself, "this doesn't look like him tht much.." "I think it looks like Aron from Nu' est." lol I was so confused and sad lol telling myself that I ruined Jackson Hahaha
ok this is the picture I wanted to capture but I only drew the face..so bare with me lol
This is the drawing lol I feel like it looks like both at times lol idk
Annnd this is Aron from Nu' est lol

Please guys let me know what are you opinions! is it Jackson or Aron??... or maybe some other idol?? lol