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Hello everyone! It's lovely to see you again! Welcome to this installment of Yongguk Fridays!

Last time, we went through an interview all about Yongguk's College Life! This week, we'll be discussing Yongguk's path to debut!

As always, I will leave links to the translations at the bottom of the card!

Let's go~
That was how Yongguk took his first step into the TS Entertainment family. Since then, he’s been preparing for the idol group but encountered an obstacle. It wasn’t rap or singing, but dancing was the problem. He’s currently capturing the hearts of fans with a strong and charismatic dance on stage but back then, his nickname was “stiff bodied.”

“In July of 2010 was when I first joined the company and I think I was a trainee for about 1.5 years. When I first entered the company, I was promoting as a rapper so I had no interest in dancing. However, I was motivated when a representative of our company said, “We don’t expect dancing from you either.” In saying that without seeing my skills at all, I was driven (laughs).”

However, it took him not too long to realize that it was hard to improve his dancing skills with just a drive. Since then, he realized that a drive wasn’t the only answer, but practicing as well. As if he was suddenly reminded of the suffering he faced at the time, Bang Yongguk’s face slightly grimaced.

“It was so difficult. I learned in getting in trouble often from the hyungs of the choreography team and what bothered me the most was the fact that all the members can do it but I couldn’t. That’s why when the members would go home, I’d stay behind by myself to practice. After joining the company, this was the period of time where I was disinterested in rap or music as I only focused on being able to dance better.”

Holding the type of personality that needs to accomplish something once having started it, Bang Yongguk eventually was able to overcome the high obstacle of dancing that he never thought he could achieve. The “stiff bodied” Bang Yongguk earned the right of being a back dancer for Untouchable’s performance as he yet again caused another scene with his “hardcore” self.

“When Untouchable seniors were promoting “Make a Fuss,” I stood on stage as a back dancer. In gaining experience little by little, I was acknowledged for my dance skills little by little. It’s fortunate that I don’t get cursed for my dancing now haha. I remember being really proud when I stood at the center of the stage during the choreography for our debut song “Warrior.” I was satisfied by myself and whenever I hear, “You can’t do it,” I feel like my personality has to prove that I can.”

Bang Yongguk tells us that he dislikes when people are so quick into judging him and telling him that he can never accomplish things. It seems that he doesn’t let words that can leave scars settle as he uses it as an opportunity for himself to improve more.

How long has time passed as his life story is filled inside the reporter’s laptop. Lastly, we tossed the question of what kind of artist he’d like to be to him.

“I always think that I want to pursue music that has meaning behind it. I’m really thankful that the company and composers I’m able to work with allow me to do the music I desire. Although it’s inadequate to the public right now, I also want to make music that is acknowledged by the fans as well. If I had a personal wish, it’d be that I’m not limited to just making idol music but that I’m able to try different genres in music. When we first made “Warrior,” I had the heart of “making a music that’s able to deliver a meaning” and I plan doing my best to not lose that state of mind.”

And that’s how the fun yet long interview with Bang Yongguk ends. As a leader of a group and one who is crazy for music, we thought that his shoulders would be burdened with weight but we weren’t as worried anymore since now, he’s in it together with his dependent music colleagues Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, and Zelo.

That's it for this week's portion of the interview! Sadly, this is the end of his interview! Friday, we will be discussing a whole new topic~

Since the interview is now over, in the comments section, tell me how you feel about Yongguk's past!

Thanks so much for tuning in and I hope to see you all on Friday! Have a wonderful day! ❤

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I feel like he went a lot before the leader we all know and love and I'm super proud of him
I completely agree~