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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope your day us filled woth love and spending a day with your loved ones.

Alright here I day two with how I fell for BTS. let's start with the first song I heard from them.

First song was We Are Bulletproof pt. 2
First MV
First Era: Skool Luv Affair
Even though I was hoked into their music I really didnt start listening to them until the Skool Luv Affair. *Favorite song from album was Just One Day :)*
First BIAS
Thats right Jimin was my first bias however i grew to lover each and one of these boys. To this day I still do.
First Impressions
Jin: Momma Jin who is a sweatheart and the only one that I can call oppa lol
Suga: Very strong person with alot of talent with his rapping and composing skills. *I cant even rap like him without losing my breath.*
JHOPE: My Mr. Sunshine who warms my day with it is cloudy
Rap Monster: Very deep and speaks the truth when he shares.
Jimin: A sweetheart that breaks every bias list.
V: His smile can break through anything to make your day.
Jungkook: This young man can go from 100 to 0 really quick.

There you go my firsts with BTS. Stay tune for tomorrow

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