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Happy Valentine's Day! It has been a long time since I last posted a card, but I felt that today was a good day to get back at it. A lot has been going on over here with friends and family and ~boys~ (of course), but what more can be expected. I've had some ups and some downs and it's hard to say which one of those I am in right now. I will keep you updated. But that's not why I am posting a card today. I am posting a pard to let you know that you are loved. I hope you all feel loved today. Everyone has someone who loves them, for me it's my best friend, who sent me a sweet potato that says it's just a meaningless sweet potato, because she is ridiculous and I couldn't have asked for a better best friend. I mean come on, she sent me a potato from England. I hate that this day is so focused on relationships in a romantic way. I mean sure, of course it can be those relationships! I just wish people who weren't in a relationship like that didn't feel like they have to hate the day or rebel against it. Just love people and be loved by people and have the day you have. Until next time.