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Hello, what's up guys and...


and I hope you're ready because it's time to find out...


How to play:
Comment down below your answers A-E to find out. Which Big Bang Member you'll be hanging out with this Valentine's day! Will it's be the Leader G-Dragon, the man who is truly on top TOP, the man who can sing the phonebook Taeyang, the groups sweetest Daesung, or will it be the king of all maknaes Seungri~

1. My Favorite Pet Is:

A. Dogs
B. Cats
C. Snakes
D. Birds
E. Fish

2. My Favorite Flavor of Pepero Is:

A. Strawberry
B. Almond
C. Chocolate
D. White Chocolate Chip
E. Nude

3. I Want To Go On ______

A. Infinite Challenge
B. Weekly Idol
C. Happy Together
D. Running Man
E. 1 Night 2 Days

4. I Want To Play The ______ With Big Bang!

A. Not My Arms Challenge
B. Jump Rope Challenge
C. Pepero Challenge
D. Apple Game
E. Saranghae Game

5. For this Valentine's Day I want him to ___

A. Give me a bear
B. Give me a ring
C. Give me his heart
D. Give me flowers
E. Give me chocolates

6. For Valentine's Day we ____.

A. Went to an Amusement Park
B. Explored the City
C. Went to a fancy dinner
D. Hung out with friends
E. Stayed at home together

7. My favorite K-Drama is _____.

A. School 2015
B. Goblin
C. Uncontrollably Fond
D. Angel Eyes
E. Cinderella and Four Nights

Don't forget to comment your answer down below the results will be post in a seperate card soon ~~


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a, a, c, d, e, e, b
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
1- A 2- C 3- B 4- E 5- C 6- E 7- B
a year ago·Reply
b, c, b, c, c, e, e
a year ago·Reply
A, d, c, c, c, b, b
a year ago·Reply