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So I wasn't going to post this story, I was too scared. But after what my husband bought me for Valentine's Day I figured it was a sign. Lol
So here we go. It's a secret admirer story for Valentine's Day. And any critiques are greatly appreciated. Becca was an average girl. She was from a small town. She'd had the same three best friends since elementary school and now they were all at college together. Her life was boring. There wasn't much to do in a small town. She,Kyungsoo, Chanyeol and Ava tried to make the best of it. But one day her life got a whole lot more interesting. "WAKE UP BECCA! You're running late!" Ava yelled shaking Becca. Ava and Becca lucked out and were able to room, together at college. Ava turned the music up full blast, which was also known as her last resort when it came to waking Becca. She had always been a heavy sleeper. "Damn it, Ava! I'm awake!" Becca sat up and looked at her phone. " No,no,no! I won't be able to eat breakfast!" "And that's different from every other day, how?" Ava laughed. Over the years Becca had probably missed more breakfasts than she had eaten due to the fact that she REALLY enjoyed sleep. Becca threw on some clothes and ran out the door. Good thing her first class wasn't far from her dorm. She barely made it on time. When she got to her seat she noticed something sitting on the table. She picked it up. It was a bag of her favorite shrimp chips with a note attached. The note read, ' I figured you wouldn't have time for breakfast.' Becca looked around for the person that saved her from listening to her stomach growl all during class. Her eyes landed on one of her best friends. " Hey Kyungsoo! Did you leave these for me?" Kyungsoo looked up from the cook book he was reading. 'He has been reading those like novels these days.' Becca thought with a little giggle. "Did I leave what for you?" Becca shook the bag of chips. "These silly." Kyungsoo laughed, "No, You know these are my favorite. I would have eaten them before I made it to class with them." " I understand that. But YOU know that I love them too and that more than likely I wouldn't have time for breakfast." Becca replied "Sorry, but I hate to tell you, your search is not over. It wasn't me." It was time for class to start, so Becca sat down in her seat and began to ponder, while eating the chips. Pondering was hard work and one shouldn't do hard work on an empty stomach. 'Thank you, mystery giver of chips. I will figure out who you are.' Which made her giggle to herself. The rest of the day went on without any more mystery gifts. Becca's day was done so she returned to her dorm. Ava was already home when she arrived. "Hey Ava, the most surprising thing happened today." "Did you see a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow?!?!" She said with the silly bright eyed laugh she had ever since they were kids. Her childlike silliness was one of Becca's favorite things about her. "No!" Becca laughed. " Someone left my favorite chips for me on my desk in my first class, with a note about how they knew I would have missed breakfast." "Wow! That's your idea of the most surprising thing that could have happened today?!You need to expand your imagination, sweets." " Ha! Ha! Ha! We can't all have your level of imagination, Ava." "Well why not?! The world would be much more fun if they did." "If I agree with you, can we get back to the chips?" "He he. Sure!" Ava giggled "Thank you." Becca huffed So Becca started at the beginning and told Ava the whole story. "It was probably Kyungsoo messing with you." "Ava, We've known Kyungsoo almost our whole lives, does that sound like something Kyungsoo would do? "No." Ava replied with a laugh "Ok then! Next idea?" Becca asked "Oh! Oh! Maybe you have a secret admirer!" "Yeah, sure and the Easter Bunny is real." Becca said with a dry laugh. "Hey! You can't prove either of those aren't possible!" Becca laid in bed trying to sleep but she couldn't stop thinking about what Ava said. Could she have a secret admirer? She was almost certain that the answer was no. She went out of her way to be invisible at school. It worked in high school. 'Get in, get a degree and get a job' was Becca's motto. The following day was just your average boring Tuesday. No yummy mystery snack gifts. Wednesday on the other hand....... Wednesday was Becca's free day. NO CLASSES! Becca LOVED Wednesday. She enjoyed spending her day pampering herself. Long hot showers with her favorite peppermint shower bomb, lounging around the dorm, listening to her favorite music, burning her eucalyptus candles was Becca's idea of a perfect day off. The only way she didn't pamper herself was by eating junk food. She figured if she ate healthy every other day, that it would be ok to cheat on Wednesday. She was about to order from her favorite chicken wing restaurant when there was a knock at the door. She opened the door. "Hello." "Hi, I have a package for Becca." It was a guy from one of those same day courier services. "Ummm, I'm Becca." "Sign here, please." Becca took the electronic pad, signed and then returned it to the courier. "Thanks. Have a wonderful day." The courier said and then left. Becca sat the heavy box on her bed. There was no return address. She noticed it smelled like food which was rather strange to her. She finally gave in to curiosity and opened the box. What she saw made her mouth water. The reason she smelled food was because there was a beautiful three course meal in the box. There was also a note, ' Thought you might want a nice home cooked meal on your day off. P.S. I bribed the courier to get it to you before it got cold. So I hope it is still warm.' After reading the note Becca immediately called Ava. She told her all about her wonderful delivery and how it looked so yummy but how she was scared to eat it. "Oh good grief, Becca! It's not like someone would try to poison you. You have no enemies! You've been nice to everyone you've ever met! I say, ENJOY IT!" "But" was all Becca could get out before Ava continued with her bout of speed talking. "Besides, why would your secret admirer want to poison you?' Ava took a breath so Becca saw that as her opportunity. "But we don't even know if that is what this is. A gift from a secret admirer, I mean." Ava huffed, " I jest have one question, if you die, can I have your stereo?" "AVA!!!!" Becca yelled into the phone. "But in all seriousness, just eat it. You know it is going to be delicious, and that someone is NOT trying to poison you! Ok, I got to get back to work. EAT IT!" And with that Ava hung up before Becca could say anything else. 'Ava's right. Live a little.' Becca thought to herself. Becca decided to not waste the beautiful meal in front of her. Becca spread out all the containers in front of her on her bed. There was even a beautiful set of chopsticks, matching chopstick rest and linen napkin in the box. Becca decided better safe than sorry, so she sat her phone next to her on her and pressed 9-1. Her thought was if she started to feel strange, all she had to do was press 1 and talk, then the 911 operator could trace her location if she passed out. The meal was even better than she imagined. Even the side dishes were the best that she had ever tasted. A few hours later Ava walked in the door. "Oh, look. You didn't die. " Ava saw the empty containers in the trash. "Aaaaaand, you didn't save me any!" Ava pouted "Oh hush Ava." Thursday was a short day. Becca only had two classes. Nothing interesting happened at school. Becca got home before Ava. She was moping around because she hadn't heard from her "secret admirer." "I'm home! What goodies did you get today?!" Ava came in bouncing. "Hi Ava. Sadly nothing today." Becca answered. "Awww, I'm sorry sweets. Well lets get ready to go meet the guys! That will get your mind off your lack of prezzies!" Becca, Ava, Kyungsoo and Chanyeol always had dinner together on Thursday nights to visit and talk about their plans for the upcoming weekend. "Ok, but will you pick out my outfit? I'm not in the mood for fashion." Becca sighed And with that there was a knock at the door. Becca went to see who it was. "Hel-lo?" Becca sounded confused. "Who is it?" Ava called out. "No one, but there's a box with holes all in it and it's making noise." Becca answered "Well open it silly!" Becca brought the box into the dorm and began opening it. "AVA!!! It's a ferret! A real ferret! I've always wanted one! They are so cute and mischievous. Ha, Hey Ava, they are the animal equivalent of you! Will you read the card, so I can play with this little one?" "Awww, it's so cute!" Ava cooed "Ava, the card!" Becca said impatiently. " Oh yeah, sorry." 'Thought you might want a little friend to come home to after a hard day. I'll meet you at 10 pm at the Valentine's Day party. I'll have a rainbow colored rose for you. Hope you will meet me. ' "Oh, wow! That's so sweet!" Ava looked at her watch. "Oh fiddle sticks! It's time to go meet the guys!" "Oh, you're right! And we need to pick up supplies for this little guy. Good thing he came with a cage or I don't know what we'd do." Becca said. "No way!!! You have a ferret now?! I'm so jealous!" Chanyeol exclaimed "Be quiet! We are in a restaurant." Kyungsoo said glaring at Chanyeol. " Oh, sorry." Chanyeol said staring at the table. "She does! And there was a note that said her secret admirer wants to meet her Friday at the Valentine's Day party!" Ava said wiggling in her seat. "Well, are you going to go, Becca?" Kyungsoo said looking at Becca. " I don't know. I'm a little scared to meet a stranger. It could go terribly . I would consider going if you guys will go with me. " "Of course!" Everyone said in unison and rather loudly "Shhh, Kyungsoo, we are a restaurant." Chanyeol stuck his tounge out. " Oh shut up, Chanyeol" Kyungsoo hit Chanyeol in the back of the head. Becca giggled, " Well then I guess we have a party to go to tomorrow. Friday classes felt like they would never end. But it was finally time to go to the party. Becca, Kyungsoo, Ava and Chanyeol decided to walk to the party because it was on campus and close to Becca and Ava's dorm. The guys showed up right on time. The girls suspected that was all Kyungsoo's doing. " Hey guys!" Becca said opening the door. "We got you prezzies!!!" Ava said with a giant smile on her face. "Thank you guys so much!" Chanyeol said with a big cheesy smile and a big of a bounce. " You didn't have to do that." Kyungsoo said shyly " Of course we did silly! You guys are our best friends, plus Kyungsoo, you give the best White Day gifts." Ava giggled rubbing her tummy thinking about it. Kyungsoo always made the best dinner and sweets for the girls on White Day. "Everyone ready to go? Becca has a date with her secret admirer!" Ava said while clapping and jumping up and down. Becca who had been quiet up to this point finally spoke, "Ava I'm pretty sure you are more excited than I am. Oh, and side note , it's NOT a date. Quit calling it that, it makes me more nervous." "We'll be with you Becca. Nothing bad will happen." Kyungsoo said trying to reassure Becca. " Ok, if you promise. Let's get this over with." Becca said opening the door. And with that, they walked over to the party. The foursome were dancing, drinking and having a great time. Then Dean from Ava's psychology class walked over and asked Ava to dance. She giggled and off they went deep into the crowd on the dance floor. Becca, Kyungsoo and Chanyeol decided to get a table so they could sit and chat. "Anyone else hungry?" Kyungsoo asked. " I'm too nervous to be hungry." Becca answered " Always." Chanyeol answered. " Will you get me two of what ever you are getting?" " Ummm, No." Kyungsoo replied. " Get it yourself if you are that hungry." " But someone has to keep Becca company." "Hey don't use me to get your way." "Fine!!! I'll be back in a minute." And with that Kyungsoo walked off. " So, what time are you meeting your secret admirer?" Becca looked at her phone, "In about ten minutes. The last note said that he would find me and that he would have a rainbow rose for me." Chanyeol started looking in his coat for something. He finally pulled out a rainbow colored rose. "Sorry, I'm early." Chanyeol smiled. "Chanyeol! That's not funny!" " I'm not joking. I'm your secret admirer. I've loved you for years. I was just too scared to say anything. I was worried about what it would do to our friendship and how Kyungsoo and Ava would feel about it. I finally told them how I felt." Becca, who had been sitting silently the whole time Chanyeol had been talking, finally spoke. " Wow! This is alot to take in. We've been friends forever, so of course I love you. And I have become infatuated with the possibility of dating someone like my secret admirer. " Does that mean we are a couple now?" Chanyeol asked beaming. Becca giggled," I guess it does. I have a question about the gifts. How did you do it all?" Just then, Ava and Kyungsoo walked up. Ava carrying balloons and Kyungsoo carrying more rainbow roses and a small box. "Well I had a little help." Chanyeol laughed "I'm responsible for the ferret!" Ava giggled "Chanyeol came to us to tell us how he felt and see what we thought. We were so excited that we came up with this plan on the spot." Kyungsoo smiled. " You were right about the chips. I'm also responsible for the lunch. Oh, by the way, was it still warm when you got it? It was so much fun to make. And I must say, some of my best work." Becca smiled, " Yes it was still warm and quite delicious." "And I delivered the ferret! We wanted to make sure it was safe, so I brought it and set it down outside our door when I came home. Then I had a friend walk by and knock on the door so the little guy wouldn't be in the box too long." Ava said beaming. Obviously proud of her deception. "Hey! Kyungsoo, will you give my girlfriend her present." Chanyeol laughed. "Oh, sorry, here Becca." Becca opened the box to find a diamond necklace shaped like a key. "Chanyeol, it is beautiful! Thank you! Will you put it on for me?" "Of course I will." " I'm glad you like it." Chanyeol said while pushing up his shirt sleeve. " Because I would look really silly wearing this lock bracelet without a girlfriend to have the key." "YAY!!! This makes it official, right?!?!?!" Ava cheered Becca and Chanyeol laughed and then they spoke in perfect unison. " I guess it does."
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IOOOOOMMMGGGG!!! This story was so cute I'm gushing😍😍😭👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽😭😍 one of the best short read I've done in a while it was like a K drama on paper!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽😭😍
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Go For IT!
i cant say this enough its amazing....i think you need to write more often lol
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@Tigerlily84 love you penguin
Ohhh, so sweet.
Awwww this was so sweet! 😆 I loved it! Keep writing girlie! ❤🙌
Thanks ! I'm glad you liked it . I started another one before this one but the characters stopped talking to me.