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💜First Time With BTS💜

안녕하세요 Vingle Fam, It's 스카이(Sky) Here~!

(Happy Valentine's Day everyone~I hope you're spending time with your loved ones. I know I am ^~^ *kisses picture of TaeTae*)
Today's theme, we'll be showing our Firsts with BTS, so I'll be sharing mine~


First Song & M/V: Dope

(I remember when I first got into the fandom & knew absolutely nothing about them, Namjoon appears on screen saying: "Oh, so you're new to Bangtan?" I replied: "Yes actually, I am" The timing xD)

First Bias: Kim Namjoon

(Who wouldn't fall for this lovable, dimpled leader? Although Taehyung stole my heart & became my bias, I still love Rap Mon ^~^)

First BTS Dance I Learned Perfectly: Blood, Sweat, & Tears

(This dance is sooo fun & strangely easy.... it's MUCH easier than Fire & Dope)

First BTS Song I Can Sing Perfectly: Fire

First Era: Blood, Sweat, & Tears


First Impressions Of Namjoon: Handsome, Tall *whispers*.....dimples....
First Impressions Of Yoongi: Badass but Aegyo Master, Ultimate Rap God, I Claimed Him To Be My Spirit Animal xD
First Impressions Of Jimin: *gibberish* "iS HE REAL?!", Beautiful Plumped Lips, Amazing Singer & Dancer. (My mom thought he was so cute...but that's a story for another time lol)
First Impressions Of Taehyung: "How the f*ck do you pronounce his name...? I'll just call him V lol" (Seriously, I couldn't say his name for the life of me xD), Goofy mofo #1, "I'm going to assume he's the Maknae" (I was close lol)
First Impressions Of Jungkook: *dies at the first sight of him*, "since I can't pronounce your name, I'll call you Kookie ^~^ (I thought I came up with that nickname but nope xD), Perfect hair, eyebrows, voice....the very definition of perfection. He would've been my first bias if I didn't pick Namjoon.
First Impressions Of Seokjin: "I love his voice.....but where are his lines?" (9 months later & I'm still asking myself this xD), Beautiful shoulders, "Idk why....But he seems like the mom of the group" (I was right xD)
I couldn't find a gif of Hobi from Dope so I'm using this..... sorry
First Impressions Of Hoseok: "Aww, he seems so cute & innocent" ^~^ (bOi I was sooooo wrong xD), I was completely hypnotized by his amazing dancing, "he's so hyper.....I love him"

Although I Only Been With Them For 9 Months Now(Kpop as a whole..)

It literally feels like I got into them yesterday xD
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I loved this I should do a card to and to anyone who wants to make one plz do tag lol. Idk any of the dances to there songs I haven't had time to sit down (stand up to dance duh lol) and do them but I'm in a K-POP club at skool and we danced to the beginning of Save Me and omg that was so hard lol they make it seem so easy
9 months ago·Reply
totally loved this
9 months ago·Reply
I've only been part of the fandom for 4 months and My phone is all about them >~< I have 112 song of them, I have the wings album, You never walk alone, the most beautiful moments in life, HYYH 1, HYYH 2, Skool luv affair, R U L8 2! 2 cool 4 Skool, And their Japanese Album, I have Suga's and Rap Monsters Mix tape, and all their singles and collaborations songs!! I also have 26 Videos downloaded of them on to my phone😂😂😂
9 months ago·Reply
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@YiselRamos Same though, those boys took over the world & my phone 😂😂(also, welcome to the fandom lol)
9 months ago
OMG!! Welcome to the kpop world 😄😄 I can guarantee you won't regret it 😊 I've been a kpop fan for almost 4 years now, so if you ever have any questions feel more then free to ask 😁😁😊🙂 you too @YiselRamos 😊😊
9 months ago·Reply
I remember watching my first Bts video (dope) and thinking kookie was so freakin' good looking (even though jimin was my first real bias, I think kookie stole my heart first). I also remember not being able to tell the members apart besides rapmon (not to be racist). Now I wonder how I ever made that mistake XD Before Bts I never liked hip hop or rap because it only consisted of rapping about bitches, hoes, money, and drugs and saying the N-word every other word.
9 months ago·Reply