Rating: Mature, 18+,
Type: One shot
Characters: YiJeong, Reader
Ready to have a romantic night with your Sexy Valentine?

7:30 PM. February 14th. You were just leaving work and it was already getting dark outside. You were excited as tonight you were spending your first Valentine's Day with YiJeong. He told you he had something good prepared for tonight and you couldn't wait to find out. Your cell phone starts ringing and the caller ID "My Sexy Teddy Bear"   "Well hello my sexy oppa," you answered with a seductive voice. He giggled on the other end. "Nice way to answer, baby," he replied. "Hope you're ready for tonight because I sure am."    You slightly blushed from his sexy deep voice. "I'll drive slow enough so you have time-"   "Baby, just come home. I can't wait any longer. Okay?"   "Alright, if you say so." Once you hang up, you start your car and drive straight home to your anxious boyfriend.  15 minutes later you pull into the driveway and walk to the front door. The inside of the house was dimly lit with a path of small candles down the hallway before they disappeared into the other hallway. You removed your outerwear and left your purse by the couch then following the candlelit path. Roses were lightly spread on the floor. YiJeong was nowhere to be seen, but you knew he was hiding somewhere. Eventually you reach the bedroom, where there are rose petals shaped into a heart with a lingerie outfit placed in the center. "I'm getting changed now," you smirked, "you're probably watching anyway." The lingerie was a three-piece black and red lace with a matching short robe lying underneath. A few minutes later as you slipped your left arm into the sleeve, the stereo turned on behind you. The song playing was Chris Brown's "Take You Down". Slowly swaying to the song, warm, soft hands took their place on your waist.  "I'm happy you're finally here," YiJeong whispered into your ear, his fingers lightly tracing invisible lines over torso and chest. Dropping your head back onto his shoulder, he tenderly kissed your neck causing a satisfied sensation to shiver down your spine. Soon after he took your hand, guiding you over to the bed and lying you down.  "Now time to make sure you don't make any naughty moves," he said playfully as he closed the handcuffs around your wrists, making sure it's not too tight.  "Well, well, well..." you said, "Someone wants a wild night."  YiJeong grabbed a warming lotion off the nightstand and poured a small amount onto his fingers. He rubbed the liquid between his hands before applying it to your crotchless panties. The lotion felt warm at first before it began giving off a tingling sensation to your clit. His tongue began slowly moving along licking, eventually going deeper with light sucking motions. Your back arched as the playful pleasure pulsed through your body. With his movements becoming faster. your moaning increased.  "It'll only get more pleasurable from here," YiJeong said in a husky voice. With the same bottle he applied it to his thick cock and turned on the vibrating cock ring he had on beforehand. "But I wanna see your beautiful breasts that only belong to me." He unclasped the front, moving the pieces to the side revealing my 38D breasts. Softly, he caressed them with his hands, sucking deeply on my perky nipples.  You wanted to playfully tug his hair yet your hands remained handcuffed. Taking one hand, he slid his cock inside you all the way until the vibrating cock ring touched your swollen clit. Unexpectedly, a mixture of a moan and yell escaped from your plump red lips, followed by the word "f**k!" He stayed in that position watching you twist and turn from the pulsating pleasure. Suddenly, with just a touch of a button, the vibration increased to the next level. Instantly, he began pounding into you and teasing your tender nipples.  "Uncuff me," you panted. "I wanna touch you so bad." Refusing to answer, he began roughly kissing you while rolling his hips. You felt yourself orgasm, your thighs quivering from the pleasure.  "You came?" YiJeong smirked. "Oh, wow. Now I wonder how many orgasms I can make you have tonight. As for the handcuffs I'll undo one, that's all." He took a small ring of keys from the nightstand and unlocked one side of the handcuffs. Once your hand was free you immediately grab his hair and pull him in for another kiss.  "I f**king love you," you moaned as you felt YiJeong's hand lightly squeeze your neck. Him playfully choking you was a new thing, but you actually liked it. Entirely pulling his cock out, he sat up against the headboard as you positioned yourself on top of him.  "I just love how tight you are," YiJeong cooed. "Your body is my temple." Staring deeply into each other's eyes, you could feel your climax reaching again.  Taking his hand from your waist, you placed it around your neck again and he squeezed again. Your breasts bounced with your movements, YiJeong licking and biting his lips as he watched with a seductive look.  "You don't know how happy I am that you're mine,"you spoke in a breathless tone. Your body temperature grew higher as if you were in a sauna. Gently you bit his bottom lip, staring into his lovely brown eyes.  Suddenly, you orgasmed a second time after rubbing your clit against the vibrating ring too long. You chuckled, looking straight into his eyes again, "You're cheating. I'm taking the ring off." As you rose up from his thick cock, YiJeong slid himself from underneath and pulled you back onto the bed. "I'm cheating?" he asked with a big grin on his face. Willingly, he removed the ring from his shaft, turned it off, and placed it back on the nightstand. "Fine let's do it the right way." He positioned you onto your knees and free hand, then finally grabbed the anal lubricant applying a warm, thick layer. Giving a hard slap to your round full butt cheeks, he entered himself into you again. "Ah, f**k me!" you exclaimed, "FASTER! FASTER!" At your command, YiJeong swung his hips back and forth into you swiftly, and pulled at your hair. The way he dominated you and doing new things made you love him even more. He treated your body right, he knew how to satisfy it. You could his index finger tickling your very sensitive clit, biting your lip from the sensual pleasure.  "Shall I cum inside? I have a huge load waiting to come out." You gave a quick nod as the climax grew more intense. Without realizing, your other hand was free from the handcuffs and he laid you back down, increasing his thrusting action in your vaginal entrance again.  "I want a little one," you happily said, wrapping around his neck. With one more firm thrust forward, you both reached the climax, YiJeong ejaculated his whole load deep inside.  "Wish granted," he said before softly and slowly kissing you like never before. Your racing heart gradually slowed down, your breathing normalizing. "Baby, I lov-" "Will you marry me?" YiJeong abruptly asked. The question made you smile widely as you ran your fingers through his hair. "What kind of question is that? Of course I will." With that answer, YiJeong opened the top nightstand drawer and pulled out a small red velvet box. Inside, he pulled out a shining diamond ring, your eyes widening in surprise from the expensive item. He took your left hand and slid it onto your ring finger. The smile on his face almost replicated yours, giving you a small kiss on the forehead. "Now, you're my fiancée."  Lying down on the bed, you rest your head across his swole chest, hearing his heartbeat in your ear.  "Happy Valentine's Day, my lady," YiJeong said softly, placing another kiss to your forehead.  "I love you. I love you, too"