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Hello whats up and Happy Valentine's Day everyone ~~
I hope you guys had fun because now it's time to find out which Big Bang Member is your...


(p.s. you can have more than one Valentine the more Oppas the better right)

Mostly A's:

Taeyang needed a girl but now he's got one because your his super sweetest Valentine. Maybe it was your Eyes, Nose, Lips? That couldn't keep him from resisting of thinking of you at 1am.

Taeyang: Maybe it was just a feeling that your my everything

Mostly B's:

Your Valentine is someone completely One Of A Kind. He just can't be without you. This Valentine's Day the Michi will be on go and you'll definitely get your Crayon ~

G-Dragon: This Love is all for you, so don't be my Heartbreaker...Only Look at me

Mostly C's:

Doom Dada Divi Da Da Doom...IT'S T.O.P!! Of all days tonight is the night you and T.O.P Turn It Up! This crazy night will make you feel like your forever 19.

T.O.P: My love for you is out of control! Be my Valentine

(***cough clears throat*** jtop.....JTOP ^^ T.O.P is @lovetop husband #Comfirmed) ***JTOPS only section back away other wise *whisper* or not ...I MEAN BACK AWAY TOP is for @lovetop they are married and I'm definitely not saying this because my pride will be in danger or anything yea ...T.O.P=JTOPS got it? Good )

Mostly D's:

He's Gotta talk to you~ It's Big Bang's Maknae Seungri! This Valentine's day he's a Strong Baby~ Your love is completely like Magic!

Seungri: You Hooo~ Let's talk about love, come to my arms and please be my Valentine

Mostly E's:

Tell those other people to Shut Up. Because you've got the ultimate Valentine! It's Kang Daesung♡ Call him the new Aladdin, he may not have a magic carpet but he'll show you a whole need world his his beautiful set of Angel wings~

Daesung: I love you, be my Valentine I promise this night will be a big hit

So who did you get as your Valentine? Don't forget to comment down below ~


I got the same amount of A's, B's, & C's. I guess I can just choose among the three & of course I'm going to choose my baby T.O.P! ❤❤
Very WISE answer.....(results)😍😍😍😍 Your Pride is safe for NOW!!! My sweet beautiful....cutie.... KWONNIE pie!!!(***let me throw up first before I can continue with this 🔪🔪🔪🔪so not me sweet talk**)