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Markson's 💗 Valentines W&S
I hug you tightly so we can be closer
So we can’t be apart
I hope we can be closer to each other
I hope that you understand my heart
Little more Little more I want you baby.
-Prove it- GOT7
I hope that you think of me
That your days without me
Are as sad as mine
Why am I the only one in pain
Why do I miss you all day like this again
-Hurt- Got7
"Don’t look anywhere else even for a moment
I can’t just watch, I can’t lose you
I have to be the only one next to you
Cuz You’re mine
you’re mine you’re mine you’re mine
You’re mine"
- You're Mine - GOT7

Song By HyoRin

♡I Choosen To Love You♡

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That's so sweet ❤
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@MelissaGarza 😆😆😙🤗
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