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Jang Geun-seok hasn't appear on the screen for quite a while now (his last drama being Love Rain) and now he's finally coming back with a new drama call "Pretty Boy!" The title already seems to fit him and his character also seems to be a lot like him. The drama is about a man that charms ladies with his natural looks and senses, he will be playing the lead-role which named Dokgo Mate. They he has been preparing for the role by taking care of his weight and well obviously his beautiful looks. The drama is set to come out this upcoming November, so look forward to be seeing Jang Geun-seok very soon.
i follow his line update, so dont miss him much. he is alwaya there!!!...but yes, i miss JANG KEUN SUK, the actor!!!
@evelynmendoza14...i ans the question in the top..if we miss jks...so i ans "Yes"...
why take care of his weight.
@annbhoi oh because you said yes, because you answer the title of the card right? :)
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