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Yes! Viki release the Eng. sub preview for episode 7 of drama Secret! Now I want to see it really bad! Check the preview out and go ahead and leave any comments below. Peace. :) Can't wait for the episode!
Hahaha, yeah I had no clue. it's strange because I got to see the preview on Viki I wonder why it's not working. and no problem :)
oh thanks @evelyn... they must have used google translator... lol.. this grammar really sucks...hahah some i understand like do hoon entered k group and about their love triangle... lol
Oh I found a translation, but it doesn't make sense to me here it is though: Minhyeok helped rig the wells excuse themselves awake. Yujeongeun charin aura-shot, looking for living together while exploring the world are exposed bottom. Quit checking dohun enter the K group, and later president will seek minhyeok and confrontation. Recognized ability to hit an eye on coming up dohun friends with this Seyon said dohun minhyeok trying to stimulate the jealousy, but do not forget minhyeok wells rather dohun do you feel jealous watching ...
Yes it's good I totally agree, ummm....you can try this, but I don't know the translation of it http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/secretlove/view/preview/index.html hope that can help. :)
i already watch eps 5 and 6 and love it a lot... i want more!! lol i think ji sung got really obssessed ... his hatred for the girl was really over the top.. understandable.. yeah... but it already has been 4 years.. even he doesn't know why he was like that... now comes the good part... the girl broke up with her long time bf BSB... and the girl ji sung was engage to got tired of waiting for him... i definitely want to know what happens next... hey @evelyn... do you have other link for the preview? i can't watch it on viki.. thanks