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So, anyone want to join me crying rivers over Taehyung's character in Hwarang..?
Oh my his character is so fluffy-cherry-merry (that's not a real word, just an expression) it's hard to accept this.

Shame on you harabeoji!

okay to be very honest in the very beginning I already expect him to be dead. That's when Do Jihan said in interview that out of them 6, one of them will not survive till the end. Plus some Armys questioned why his poster character's bground was sky, not like others main characters.

I thought I am ready--unfortunately I am not. Not when he's so bright in the beginning of 18th episode.

*I've seen him practicing riding horse before, what was that for?

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he died???😣 wah I haven't even watched the new episodes yet. I don't want to see him die 😭😭😭😭😭
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no you're fine. the English subs had come out but I hadn't watched it. but after reading your card I watched it and cried!! way too real. it was really hard to watch him die. I mean I know it wasn't really taehyung who died but his character but still. 😒😒
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