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Finally more dates for the wings tour has been posted.
This really is a big world tour....Wonder if they will still add more us dates since they have a long time between the california concert and the Bangkok concert.
I have mixed feeling about this. It's nice that they are having more concerts so fans from all over can go see them but I don't want the boys to be overworked. Doing a concert can put a lot of stress on your body, especially if it's back to back
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i agree they need rest but hopefully after this they will go on a nice vacation longer than a few days
these boys need like 2 months of a break
its sad that they have been working non stop for a year now.
This is a really big tour damn, I wish I could be a part of it...are tickets for the Anaheim still selling or are they sold out?
You can probably find someone selling one on Twitter via #btswingsticket or something. Last time I checked (a few weeks ago) there were people still selling
We need more USA dates 😫
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