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Finally more dates for the wings tour has been posted.
This really is a big world tour....Wonder if they will still add more us dates since they have a long time between the california concert and the Bangkok concert.
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these boys need like 2 months of a break
I seriously hope they add more US dates and maybe as somewhere that's closer to me. If the decided to go to Salt Lake City where I'm at or even Denver or Las Vegas I'd be ecstatic because it's within actual driving limits for me.
We need more USA dates 😫
I have mixed feeling about this. It's nice that they are having more concerts so fans from all over can go see them but I don't want the boys to be overworked. Doing a concert can put a lot of stress on your body, especially if it's back to back
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i agree they need rest but hopefully after this they will go on a nice vacation longer than a few days
This is a really big tour damn, I wish I could be a part of it...are tickets for the Anaheim still selling or are they sold out?
You can probably find someone selling one on Twitter via #btswingsticket or something. Last time I checked (a few weeks ago) there were people still selling