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Mino was tied to the table and he looks at his father. He looks deep into his father eyes and became weak.

"Mino my young boy. You know your the quietest but the vicious one. How many have you killed?"

Mino put his head down and couldnt answer him. His father used to best him to his shit together when he was a boy because he always was scared to even grab a knife.

"Dont tell me your still scared of your old man. Come on Mino, those scars are just lessons"

Mino has scars over his back when his father whipped him or knifed him for failing his missions. Mino wouldnt look at his father but a strong firm fist was formed.

"You boys was my charm, Jiyong was always better than you Mino."

Mino looks up at his father and then at Jiyong. Mino dont like to be shown as a worthless. Anger began to build inside him.

"Jiying always do his job and more perfect than you. Have you noticed that Jiyong rather put you away and him do his life without you"

Ruby began to signal Mino, so he wont get into thier father's twisted words. Then thier father slaps her.

"You shut up and stay still you worthless slut. Your lucky im keeping you alive."

Then he turns to Mino and smiles. He stands and began to walk towards Jiyong.

"Jiyong. You was the best. Perfect and smart. Your quick and clever. Mino always tried a way to get rid of you. That scar you have on your leg, he gave it to you when you was 7 because he hates you. You think he cares for you right now? Not even Jiyong. Think about it"

Mino angers builds inside. Then his father laughs.

"Mino, do you have any idea how much I rather take you away? I rather have Jiyong instead of you."

Mino pulls the chain. Then he looks at his father and gives him the most sinister smile.

"You seem to enjoy to brake people, but I will tell you something old man. I would never kill or harm Jiyong."
"Oh Mino.. you think your able to fight him off. He is much stronger."
"He may be strong but Im more crazier than you think. We are part of you, you sick fuck"

Thier father sit down and he laughs as he rubs his neck.

"I have a good idea. You and Jiyong fight till death. Lets see if its true. If you back down, I will shot you"
"What if I kill you first?"

The guards grab Ruby and dragged her out of the room.

"Ruby!! Ruby!! Where you taking her?"
"A place where she will be enjoying her time"

Mino began to pull the chains. Then the guards hit Mino on the back of his head. Everything went black. Jiyong began to walk towards a room which the fight will be held.

"You betta win, or else I will kill your mother."
"Yes sir"

Mino began to wake up and he saw himself in a large room. Then he saw Jiyong ahead of him His father sitting down. He stands and he began to look around. There was two bats laying down on the floor beside them.

"Once the bell rings. You may pick the bat and fight. This fight will not be over till you are dead. Jiyong kill."

Jiyong without a mind that Mino is his brother, looks at him like prey. Jiyong feels that Mino hates him. All he can do is obey.
They both look at eachother. Then the bell rings. They both grabbed the bat and Jiyong goes running towards Mino. Mino quickly moves out of the way and hit Jiyong's bat. Jiyong turns around and hits Mino on the arm. Mino faces him and grabs Jiyong's bat and then elbow his face. Jiyong drops the bat and Mino did the same.
They put their fists up. Then Jiyong came with the first swing and punched Mino in the face over and over. Mino grabs Jiyong and slam him to the floor and then kicks him in the stomach. Jiyong elbows Mino at his knees and then grabs him by the feet making fall to ground. Then Jiyong goes on top of Mino and began to punch him again in the face.

Mino grabs Jiyongs hand from punching him and tried to get him off of him. As Jiyong struggked to brake his hands free from his grasp, he quickly slammed his head into Mino's face. Mino let go of him and then Jiyong stands and grabbed Mino by the hair.

"Stop." Thier father yelled.

Jiying put his hands down and slammed Mino to the floor.

"Lets spice this fight up. Boys!"

Thier father snapped his fingers signaling his men to bring tools of pain. Thier was a hammer and a machete.

"Let's begin"

Mino stands and spit the blood in his mouth. Jiyong grabs the hammer instead and began to walk towards Mino. Jiyong lifts the hammer and swings but Mino quickly dodge it.

"Come on Jiyong... Dont do this man"
"Do what... oh you mean this"

Jiyong swings again and almost hit Mino in the head. Mino then goes towards him and quickly throw a ounch at Jiyong's face. Mino them throw himself towards Jiyong, which made him fall to the ground. Jiyong grabs the hammer and swing, but Mino pull his head back and then throw another punch to his face.

"Knock it off Jiyong. please. ..."
"Never. I know you tried to kill me before. Good thing I dont remember you at all. You worthless piece of shit."

Mino couldnt believe the words that cane out of his own brothers mouth. Mino's anger build in of frustration and began to throw punches at Jiyong. Them he grabs Jiyong's head and slammed his head to the concrete floor. Jiyong's vision blurr and he began to hold his head of the pain.

Mino stands and went to grab a machete. Without thinking due to his anger he walks towards Jiyong.
Jiyong began to regain his vision and he saw Mino going after him with the machete. Jiyong panicked and began to crawl backwards as Mino walks towards him. Blood was Mino's mask and anger was in his eyes. Mino lifts up the machete and then swings at Jiyong. Jiyong quickly covered his head.

Silence filled the room.

Jiyong opened his eyes slowly and saw the machete into pieces on the floor. Mino was breathing heavy. He grabs Jiyong by his shirt and lifts him up and makes eye contact.

"Why you let him get to you? Why cant you remeber that Im your brother? I will never hurt you, but your believing what this monster say"

Jiyong looks at Mino with confused eyes. Then he placed his hands in top of Mino's hands.

"Mino, I know you wont hurt me. But why your trying to kill me"

Mino looks at Jiyong puzzled. Then his eyes open wide.

"Ji..Jiyong, Do you remember who I am?"
"Of course you psycho. Your my brother."

Mino's hands loosen up and then grabs Jiyong and hugs him tightly. Jiyong puts hus arms around Mino and embraced his brother.

"Well then... seems like he recovered his memory"

Jiyong turns around and his heart dropped when he saw his father.

"You! What have you done?"
"Haha More like .... what will hapoen next"

Jiyong looks at Mino and then realize someone is missing.

"Mino, where's Ruby!"
"He took her."
"You fuck! Where's Ruby!?"
"Good luck"

Thier father stands and he began to walk out. The boys began to walk towards him but then thier father's men circled them.

"This building is a maze boys. Anything can happen. But just to let you know. You only have one hour to save your precious sister."

Jiyong and Mino stand in a circle of men.

"Ya bro?"
"Let's enjoy this last moment of kills"

Jiyong and Mino look at eachother and they gave eachother thier sinister smile. Then they placed thier fists up.

Im sorry that its short. .. but the juicy part will be coming next.

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