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I looking into buying some kpop merch, but I'm not sure where exactly to get some from. I don't know what sites are to use that are safe, 'big girl' friendly and cheap(shirts and other appear idems). I found a couple of sites, but i'm not totally sure about them. Please help...
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I usually look at both kpoptown and kpopmart and compare the prices of shipping and if they are too expensive I resort to ebay cuz I always get a poster with my album which is always more expensive
I've bought my shirts and dresses from amazon, stylekorean, korelimited, and a fan based service.
Honestly you might not find anything that's big girl friendly if you wear an American 2x and up. I would say look on amazon and wish trend. But just know they all go by Asian sizes. So a 2xl is really a 1x or even and American xl.
okay thank you guys! :)
a 5xl is an American size 18 so....yeah they don't gaf about plus size ppl! better of getting it made!
okay thanks!:)