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When everyone has their name tag wear at the right...he has his at left!!! Our Bingu TOP always unique!!!! but he does look Skinner... Please take care Bae.
Generally in most U.S. allied countries the name tag is supposed to be worn on the right (not even just in military but it's just supposed to be worn on the right wether you work at Boscovs or if your the President. It's based of and older generation thing. Majority of people are right handed, most people shake with their right hand because it honest, just and blah blah blah...Following the line of sight from the hand the name tag should just be on the right okay lol) ....but there are some exceptions ....However since the majority in the picture have their name tag on the right ....Sorry T.O.P I'm gonna go with you're being a little bingu again lol 💕😅😂
YES...our One of Kind Bingu TOP!!!
Is there a rule that you have to have the name tag on a certain side?
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Yes there is, and he probably got in trouble