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Hello Inspirits! Its Melissa with Infinite Community Event. Today's part is Bias wrecker date. Its Valentine and your bias wrecker has invited you out.
Hoya is my bias wrecker. He's always trying wreck his way in my heart.
I come home from work on Valentine's Day. I walk in my room, and saw my bed covered with balloons. There in the middle is a card. Its from Hoya asking you to be his date for Valentine's. You always had a Crush on him, so you call him up to accept the Invitation.
You were so excited about going out with your crush. You want to look extra special tonight. You chose a red dress with nude high heels to complete your outfit.
Hoya arrived to pick up you. He hands you a beautiful boutique of roses. You thank him for the flowers. He says Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you like what I have plan for us tonight. You were getting super excited as you get in his car.
Hoya starts the evening with a dinner at a fancy restaurant. The atompshere is very romantic with the low lights and candles are lit brightly.
You had your favorites for dinner. The food was delicious, and drinks were smooth.

After dinner, Hoya takes you to listen to live music. He takes you to the dance floor to work off that heavy meal you both just had at the restaurant.
After a delicious meal and wonderful dancing with live music, it was time to go home. Hoya walks you to your door. You face each other. You told him that you had a good time. Hoya was so happy that you had good time. You reach you to give him a goodnight kiss. You Thank him again. As you go inside, Hoya says I hope we can do this again. You told him to call you soon.
Well that's my bias wrecker date. I hope you all like it.
Who is your Bias Wrecker? Would you go out with him? We can't wait to see what kind of date your bias wrecker take you.

@LemonLassie oh yes! Ever since I started supporting him ๐Ÿ˜‹
He wrecks you too!
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