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So Dongwoo is my bias. But this boy that goes by the name of Hoya is wrecking me fifty two shades darker.
*yes that was a super bad pun. You can slap my wrists*
Either way I have some love for this kid. Let's move on to our dates.
Oh! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
First he brings me a dozen roses.
Honeslty not a fan or roses. They're too cliché. I'm changing this.
He leads me out to the front yard and shows me the daisy heart crown he made for me while waiting for me to answer the door.
Awe this is too cute! So innocent.
We go to the local McDonald's and order a milkshake to share and large fry.
Ready to pay, Hoya pats his pockets and smiles that cheesy smile.
He left his wallet at the flower shop. I can't help but role my eyes and laugh. I pay for our food and walk to a seat. Of course he is apologizing. But we can't help but laugh at how forgetful he is sometimes.
You can't dance your way of paying for food.
Once back at my place to end the evening we make popcorn and curl up on the couch.
With the best movie playing, the Lion King judge all you want the film is the shiz, we end the day in a peacful way.

I took all these dates from my SSG I posted the other day. I couldn't help it. The materail was just there ready for me to use. I'm it had the sound of a fanfic starting. Once I start writing I have a hard time stopping. Kekekeke