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Does all Korean men have to go military?

Yes. All Korean men should go to the military about 2years and the type of the military is divided as army, navy, air force, KATUSA(Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army), ROTC.

KATUSA-The most preferred military
Normally when the boys get sophomore they go to the military and the most preferred military is KATUSA. This is because when they enter the KATUSA not only can learn English but also working environment is better than other Korea military.
If someone wants to apply the KATUSA they need at least TOEIC 780 or TOEFL 83. Even, there is an English institution for entering KATUSA and some of the classes are called “KATUSA road map” “KATUSA entrance class”. Before it was common for applying 2, 3 times and wait 2,3years to go KATUSA. But recently the law changed for preventing the negative effect like waiting few years and now people can only apply one time.

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