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Que tal peeps!

I am so excited for this part 2! It finlly hit me while omw out the door to work!


My sister and I went shopping. She was super happy that I wanted a make over. I was super tired of looking like the untidy book worm. Why couldn't I be the smexy book worm! We laughed a million times about that incident when Jay walked in on me titillating myself to his music. The day with my sister was nice and after spending time with her I felt like I was reborn.

I had about 3 days left before my vavcation was over. However, I loved my job and I could not help myself. I had to at least go back to the studio where my office was and see what was going on. Besides, I was ready to test my new look and see what attention I would get. I slipped on a pair of black lace shorts and a fitted soft blush tank top. I ran out in my black strapy sandle wedges and super cool sunglasses.

I am super bored. I remeber talking to Loco about this thing called fanfiction. He said a ton of freaky fans write about their idols, so I became curious on what my low key freaky fans been writing about me. I came across this site called Vingle and was shicked they had a community just for me. I began reading some of these fanfictions and I almost died. I'm like damn....I did what! Then I began reading these fanfictions from a person with the Vingle name royalsmut.

As I read I notcied that these fanfictions were nothing like the others. It was like this person knew me, and knew me well. I continued reading and there were some information that only y/n would know in them. I ran down to her office and hacked into her computer. Her password was super easy royalsmut was her password. My eyes widen as I saw all the smut she had about me and her!

Suddenly she walked into her office. She was looking super good in them shorts. I had no idea y/n had all those curves and sweet cakes. Where has she been hiding all that? My mouth drops and her eyes widen as she runs to her computer and pushes me out the chair.

"What the hell Jay? WHy are you going through my shit?" She yelled while blushing when she seen I was reading her smut.

I dusted off my pants and looked at her. "The last time I checked I bought all this shit and you worked for me. Why are you even here?"

"I just had to come in--"

I walked slowly to her and stood over her. I licked my lips. "So you want me that bad baby girl?"

What the fuck was Jay doing? He is alway playing games and shit. He looked so sexy and I know he was looking at me. I rolled my eyes and began changing my password. I was punching the keypad with fury.

"So, this makes you hot?" He looked on his phone and began reading. "I wanted Jay so badly as he licked my womanhood." He smirked.

"Jay stop being childish."

"Childish? You are the one acting like a child. You want me?"

I ignored him and he grabbed my hand and looked me dead in my eye. "Do you want me to lick you like a lollipop. Do you want Daddy to fuck you?" Jay said.

I choked on my spit as i felt heat rushing all over me. "Jay, you need to stop. Those are just stories."

"Stories you fuck yourself too. Tell me what you want y/n. I will be a man and say that I always wanted you, but I always felt you were too good for me--too smart." Jay said.

"I always wanted you Jay." I said

Jay pulled back my hand and planted a hard kiss on my lips. He began tasting my mouth while rubbing on my breasts. I gasped in between kisses. I had to pinch myself. This could not be real. Jay began nibbling on my ear.

"Baby say it--What do you want your Daddy to do?" Jay moaned in my ear.

"I want you to make me come with your mouth." I moaned.

Jay quickly pulled down my shorts and grinned at the fact I did not have on panties. "Lay on the couch and show me what you got" He said.

I laid on the small office couch and spread my legs. He licked his lips as he looked at me. He slowly walked over to me. He bent down and began kissing and licking my inner thigh while slapping my outer thigh. I moaned within out hessitation.

"This will be better than those stories baby girl." He said while exposing my nub.

He began softly blowing on my nub. I squealed out in frustration. Jay began flicking is tounge on my nub and I could feel myself getting wetter. He grinned and them began sucking on it while reaching his hand up and pulling on my nipple. I moaned so loudly. I had to be dreaming.

Jay slipped in a finger and realized it did not go too deep. I moaned as I played with his hair.

"You are super tight like a virgin."
"Um---yeah about that. I am Jay." I said.

Jay stopped. "Put your shit back on! How dare you not warn me?"

"Jay no please please." I whinned.

"No, we will do this properly not in an office baby girl. But that is if you will be my girl. Daddy will do you right."

"If only next time daddy will make me come." I whinned.

"I wont dissapoint baby girl. You will be sore in ecstasy."

He helped me put on my pants. Then we just made out on the couch for a while. I super happy that finally I got my man. I know later on he would make me wifey. I have so many plans for us.


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holy shit imagine if jay actually knew what we say and do and he says do you want me baby?
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I ain't gone lie I laughed out loud when jay was like "put your shit back on"
Oh my! Jay is so naughty 😶
I really like this! I hooe there is a part 3bb
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You're welcome