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Everybody's favorite blacksmith, Lisbeth.
Right after she is introduced to the show, Kirito and her go on a quest to make a sword for him. And just like everyone else in the world fell in love with Kiritos "anything is possible" outlook.
That sword was made by her but I dont remember what its called, but its from the game.

And as always, ^-^ thank you for your support.
haha, I think she was in my top 3 for today!
Lol for me it was her, Moka from Rosario Vampire, and Lucy from Elfin Lied. Id already done Moka a while back for sisters edition and Lucy was just a scary badass.
I ended up doing Sakura, then Virgo from Fairy Tail was the other one in my top 3. I forgot about Meldy... but Aime got her, so it's all good!