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Starting this week we'll be doing Genre Week's! So every week will have a different Genre of music to it.

This week's Genre is K-rock/K-Bands! There'll be two groups per post day this week!

Also this week is our 50th Post Week!
Group Name: A-Fati
Debuted: March 3rd, 2014
Latest Comeback: June 2nd, 2015
(At this moment I'm not sure if they are still promoting.)
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Members: (2)
Name: N/A
Stage Name: Moxi
Born: N/A
Position: Guitar
Name: N/A
Stage Name: Hyoi
Born: N/A
Position: Bass

Former Members:

Name: N/A
Stage Name: Jiyoon
Born: N/A
Position: Vocalist
Name: N/A
Stage Name: Yejin
Born: N/A
Position: Drums

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