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yea I had it for the 360 but when I got my xbox1 fucking microsoft never told anyone that the damn 360 games wont work on their new console so they basically forced everyone to buy ANOTHER copy just so its compatible with the new console.....wasnt that so nice of them? and it wasnt just that game either almost all of my 360 games that I really enjoyed playing are apparently not backwards compatible >:/
get elder scrolls 5 coming to the nintendo switch .
The only naruto game I ever actually got was gor the game cube a while back and I think it was ninga storm 2 or something. it was really good, though Ive never been real into fighter games, im more of a shooter type or RPG type like Halo and Elder scrolls/Fallout
you can see their awesome ability in naruto storm 4
maybe they are, maybe Im weong then. lol I just wish we could have seen more of them cause there abilities were awesome.
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