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Hello Inspirits! Its Melissa with Hoya Wednesday! For this week's theme is a Valentine's Day date. Where would Hoya take me, what activities will we do, and how will the night end?
I've always wanted to go on a Spa Date. So Hoya gots a Couple Date at the Spa combo.
He gave some beautiful roses when arrived at the spa.
It was decorated for a romantic atmosphere. This date was going to romantic and relaxing for the both us.
We got couple messages.
We got couple pedicures.
We also got manicures. I would chose these colors and designs for my nails.
We would get wrap and facial treatments.
While we are spending the evening at the spa, we would be drinking some wine and snacking lightly on desserts.
After a relaxing and rejuvenated evening, Hoya takes you home. You thank him for a wonderful night. You reach up and give him a long good night kiss.

Well that's all for Hoya Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed your date with Hoya. What kind of Valentine's date would like to have with Hoya?

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melissa this is the best date! So romantic!
@LemonLassie Thank you! I thought spa dates would be romantic 😊