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Hiya guys! Today marks the last day of our Valentine's event!
I look forward to all those who participated. Thank you!
I bring to you what i actually did on my Valentine's day. I am single as a pringle but don't get me wrong, I enjoy it. I come home, make food for one get a whole bed to myself. What more could I want.
You caught me....I want oppas. I want oppas in my bed, in my kitchen. Anyway...
After work I go and buy a bottle of wine. I don't drink much, but when i do i like the sweet stuffs.
After buying wine I buy a big box of chocolates. They kind Forest Gump carries around. The kind you never know what you're gonna get chocolate.
I hate those.....I like to know what I'm getting thanks.


I grab my date...Yes that's a cat. My car looks cuter... here I'll show you
This is Sushi, he was my date.
So me and Sushi prepare for out Valentine's Date.
Climbing into my comfy bed. Snacks in hand. wine and chocolate in the other hand. I pull my tablet out and we watch


Who needs romantic gushy movies like The Notebook, or Dear John. Those make me feel even more like no one wants to date me.
nothing against those who enjoy those movies.
Instead we watch Oppas on the screen and enjoy our dinner happily.
Always dreaming about them oppas. In fact just the other day I had Gong Yoo dream. Phew was that a steamy one. teehee.
Anyway, that's how I spend my single valentine's day.
How was your day? What did you do?