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{TPT} - Throwback Thursday! Pokemon Edition!!
Today is {TPT} - Throwback Pokemon Thursday! and today you guys are making a card going back in time on your favorite episode and/or team (Trainer and Pokemon, Pokemon and Pokemon or Trainer and Trainer) from the first season of Pokemon in 1996..
I pick the time where Ash and Pikachu first started out as a team - Episode 1 - 2ish

aren't they so cute together!! I wish I had Pika-chu
But remember when Pika-chu was a pain at the begining?!?!?! But it still made him very cute!

So what Episode & Paring did you guys pick? Make sure you Tag my mods and I if you make a card :) Look forward to seeing them!

My Pokemon Team

Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you and have a Good Day! :)

{L}- @LCordz
{Do Not Copy Tag List, Unless You're One Of My Mods}
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A memorable episode.
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