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After releasing some mysterious teaser photos that got fans theorizing, B.A.P has now confirmed that they’re gearing up for a comeback!
On February 16, the group announced via a comeback schedule poster that they will be releasing a new single album entitled “Rose” on March 7. It looks like the code “#FF0000” that has been used as part of their teasers so far (and is the hexadecimal value for bright red) may have been a hint at the red rose symbol!
Fans will get individual teaser photos for B.A.P’s comeback from February 20 to 22, followed by a group teaser photo on February 23. Their album cover image will be revealed on February 27, and two music video trailers will be dropped on February 28 and March 3.
B.A.P made their debut in 2011 under TS Entertainment, and most recently released their full album “Noir” last November.
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happy birthday too me! i get a B.A.P CD! lol I'm so excited!
check out Daehyun's Instagram if you haven't already, I think he's showing the concept look they are going for.
I did see that! I also saw that Himchan has very red hair, Jongup is blonde, and Zelo has what looks like lilac hair