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Hello Beautiful ARMY's !!! Today is day 4 in our BTS Comeback Hobi Birthday Bash Week!! Today we are posting our top 3 dance practices! *Again im making these events way to hard for myself lol* Here are mine!


The chorography in this song is SO powerful and their facial expressions are spot on! This dance practice never fails to wow me!

2). Run

I love EVERYTHING about this dance practice the way they look like they're actually running in the choreography their hair colors all the way down to the fact that Suga never got the wear black pants memo. xD

3). SBS Special Intro Stage

The choreo is mouth dropping!! It was even featured as one of the coolest dances around the world! Although our Suga couldn't participate cause he was recovering from surgery. It was still amazing!!

That's it for this card!! Im looking forward to see everyones cards today !! ♡


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I love dance practice videos. You can see how hard they work on the choreography. ❤