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Hey guys!!

We are all here because we love our k-idols, and many of us show our love and support by purchasing various types of merchandise. One of the main things we typically spend a significant amount of money on are their albums.
That is exactly what we in the Astro and Madtown Communities are celebrating and sharing this week. We are showing our appreciation for the artists that we love by sharing our album collections.
Many of you probably already know that I collect signed kpop albums and dvds, and I am excited to get to share my collection with all of you because I really don't have anyone irl who can appreciate my albums or my obsession with them, lol.

First, my unsigned albums:
Soundtracks from Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Heartstrings
SHINee ~ Hello
EXO ~ Miracles in December
BTS ~ Young Forever

Signed Albums & DVD's
Eric Nam ~ Interview
VIXX ~ Eternity (unsigned), Zelos (Ken), Hades (Hongbin), Kratos (Hongbin). I also included my 2017 Seasons Greetings signed by Ravi :)
Astro ~ Spring Up, Summer Vibes, and Autumn Story all signed by the entire group (and yes, I am hoping to get Winter Dream as well)
CNBLUE ~ Blueming (Jung-Shin)
Block B ~ Blooming Period (whole group) &
subunit Bastarz ~ Welcome 2 Bastarz ( whole group)
100% ~ Time Leap (whole group)
Pentagon ~ Pentagon (whole group)
Got7 ~ Flight Log: Departure (BamBam) & Flight Log: Turbulence (Jackson)
Monsta X ~ The Clan Part 1 'Lost' (Shownu) & The Clan Part 2 'Guilty' (Wonho)
FTISLAND ~ album - Where's the Truth (Minhwan) & dvd - 2015 We Will concert (whole group)
This one is my most treasured one - Big Bang World Tour [MADE] in Seoul dvd, signed by the whole group. Many of you helped me win this from SnackFever, and I am so grateful to all of you.

So that is my obsession, I mean collection, lol. In case any of you are wondering, I get most of my signed albums through MWave. It takes a long time to get here (I am still waiting for my B.A.P Noir album), but it is definitely worth it!

Thank you all for letting me share!!

What does your collection look like? Tell me in the comments, or make your own card :)

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I would straight up die if I had a signed album. I just realized that the Astro albums are for each season...🙃 my mind is bad
Wow now that's a collection! I don't have as many as you or any signed ones yet. Most of my collection is digital now lol not counting any movies, kdrama, or concert dvds I have.
Glad I am not the waiting for Noir from mwave still.
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That's crazy! I had one of my Monsta X ones not show up. It ended up arriving in the same box as another album I ordered, and there were extra photo cards, lol. I figured something similar had happened. I am usually pretty patient - I have had them take anywhere from 2 1/2 to almost 6 weeks to come. I usually wait a while before I contact them. The joys of being an international fan...
Awesome collection!
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@resavalencia Yay!! 🎉
oooooh I love your collection!
thank you 💜
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