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Hellooooooo Vingle family!

I haven't made a card recently because I have been busy starting a project. So I am here to shamelessly advertise Please bare with me.
So the project is me starting a small business and I am planning on making kpop mercy like t shirts. The difference is YOU can choose how you want it! So yes it would be customized. I am planning to take this project to college but I wanted to start out within the kpop fandpm. That way I can show whatever I made to at school (I would get more business and I can lure some people into kpop )

so if you have a idea for any kpop fandom you belong to message me on vingle. I would be happy to work with you.
P.S: I will have monthly goals. This months goal is to sell 20 shirts.

Price: $10-15 depending on how much art you want on the shirt.

I will soon upload pics of some examples I have made for friends and family.