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Pokemon go has just released the second gen pokemon. I have to say I'm so happy because this generation is my favorite from the other gerneratons. All because I can now her my favorite pokemon Umbreon.
They also uploaded new appearance items which includes necklaces, new hats, shirts, glasses and much more. But do be warn some items you do have to buy if you want them that is a down fall to this new items. but there is also a good thing if you don't like any of the new stuff you can stick with the items thats already open for you.
You also can get take off items that You don't like. For example you don't like any of the hats well guess what you can take it off. but if you do make sure you click the 'choose' buttons that pops up on the screen. You also can change colors to some of the items as well.
Ugh I can't even find all the first gen Pokémon but I'm doing good for just getting it ^^
Your not the only one I'm have trouble finding some of the frist gen as well @HelloKittie
curse my low space phone