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Hello InnerCircle! Its Melissa with Seunghoon Thursday. For this week's theme, its Valentine related theme. What gifts would you give Seunghoon for Valentine's? As for me, I would definitely spoil him on Valentine's Day.
I would have flowers and candies delivered to him.
When he got home, I would have more surprises for him. An edible arrangement to greet him. Here are the gifts I would give Seunghoon for Valentine's Day.
A Valentine's tie, so he can think of me when he wears it.
A pair of tennis shoes with a cheesy note for fun.
A watch, so can keep track of time. Also another reminder of me and our time together.
Lastly, couple underwear! So we can match for Valentine's.
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@resavalencia Right!! πŸ˜‚
I love the matching underwear!! πŸ˜„
What a beautiful time together. 😍